Acid Reflux and Pregnancy


Acid Reflux and Pregnancy

A woman’s body goes though a variety of changes during a pregnancy. While this is a very exciting time there are issues including acid reflux that can make it difficult to enjoy all aspects of it. There is an old wives tale that pregnant women with acid reflux means the child will be born with a full head of hair. However, the truth if it is that acid reflux is the result of changes in the body due to additional hormones.

These hormones can result in a woman producing more acid in her stomach. Since it isn’t uncommon for pregnant women to eat more than before they will continue to produce even more of it. The combination of them can result in some of the acid moving up into the esophagus. Up to ¼ of all pregnant women have to deal with acid reflux each day of their pregnancy. This can make it hard for them to focus on their daily routine or to get enough sleep at night.


As the pregnancy progresses there is more pressure on the stomach area. This too can result in more acid moving into the esophagus. That is why the majority of pregnant women find that they suffer from acid reflux during the last few months of it. Since what the woman consumes affects the baby there are limits on what can be taken. Most types of prescription medications for acid reflux won’t be a good idea.

It is possible to take antacids to treat mild cases of acid reflux during pregnancy. Extensive research has shown that they don’t harm the baby. Pregnant women do need to be careful though as they contain large amounts of sodium. This can result in fluids being retained and swelling in the legs and ankles.


Every woman wants her baby to be as healthy as possible and that is understandable. That is why natural ways to alleviate acid reflux during the pregnancy is important. While consuming plenty of fresh fruits is important some of them may increase your risk of acid reflux. Avoid those that contain large amounts of acid in large quantities. They include oranges, lemons, and grapefruit.

Do your best to eat six small meals each day so that you aren’t hungry. Your body will be able to digest these smaller meals easier than large ones. Consume large amounts of water during the day too so that you stay hydrated. Liquids definitely help the body to be able to digest foods easier. Avoid eating in the last hours before you go to bed at night or you may end up suffering throughout the night with acid reflux.


Elevate your head and shoulders when you sleep as well. This will help to keep the acid from going into the esophagus at night or when you rest during the day. There are special pillows for this or you can just stack two of them. You can also have someone elevate the head of your bed with boards or bricks for you. Adding several inches will definitely make a significant difference.

Try to lie on your left side too as this will help to get the acid reduced in your stomach. When you lie on your right side or your back it is going to increase. It may not always be comfortable during a pregnancy to lie on your left side but do your very best to get into that routine. It will certainly help you to avoid suffering from acid reflux.


Following such guidelines will help you offset acid reflux during pregnancy. This is a great time for a mom to be so keep those negative aspects of it away. Getting enough rest is important too because soon you will have a little one up all night. If you continue to suffer from acid reflux on a regular basis during your pregnancy make sure you share this information with your doctor.

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Top 3 Financial Frauds You Can Get Caught Up With

Top 3 Financial Frauds You Can Get Caught Up With

Scams have been rife since the day money has moved mediums from hard cash to plastic cards. The number of internet users has increased many folds and as the internet has a vast outreach, scammers have turned their heads toward this modern technology. By using the internet, fraudsters and scammers have found unique ways to ensnare you in tricky schemes. It is never a pleasant experience for you to get stuck in a fraud scheme. However, if you ever become a victim, consult Prime Lawyers to get a professional opinion on your situation. Whether you have been a victim or fortunate enough not to have had an encounter with a scam, you must know how scammers can rob you. Here is a list of top financial scams you can get caught up with.

  1. Lottery Frauds

A random phone call comes to your phone, you receive it and the person on the other end says you have just won a huge lottery involving millions of dollars. All you need to do is to provide your bank account information so that the concerned authority can transfer the money safely. One phrase: Stay away! If a person calls you with anything of the sort they are playing on your emotion and tricking you. Once they have your bank account information or your credit card info, they can perform as many transactions as they want to leave you bankrupt. Sometimes, in order to win your trust, scammers will only ask you to send over a processing fee worth a few hundred dollars to a foreign address. As soon as you send the money, they disappear without a trace.

  1. Skeptical Emails from Abroad

There’s a very old and extremely well-known ‘Nigerian scam’ which has fooled quite a few people. This scam also plays with your emotions – just like any other fraud. Using the feelings of trust and greed, the fraudster will lead you to believe that he is an influential person living in Nigeria and he wants to transfer his hard-earned wealth to you for safe keeping. Give him your bank account details and he will rip you off like many others he has done before. Different fraudsters use different stories but the idea and execution are exactly the same. If you believe them and follow through their plan, your money will disappear.

  1. Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are like golden eggs for scam artists. Do you remember the blockbuster movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’? The main protagonist earns fame for his ability to fool people by selling them penny stocks. There is nothing shady about penny stocks, though. They are real stocks but any information about them is wrong. As investors, we are afraid of investing money and losing it, so we trust our brokers or agents to do the bidding for us. That’s where scam artists play with you. They convince you to invest money in a disastrous stock by portraying it as a high earning stock. Once the price is inflated, the scammers quickly sell their own shares of the same disastrous stock, earn huge profits, and you are left to dry.

It is necessary to be vigilant when dealing with calls or emails coming from unknown sources. Fraudsters come up with new ways to trick you every other day, so you should be aware! You wouldn’t want a scammer taking away the money in your bank.

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4 Fun Activities to Teach Kids the Value of Money

4 Fun Activities to Teach Kids the Value of Money

Teaching children about money, early, is key to their financial independence in the future. Parents and teachers can do a lot of things at home or in the classroom to teach these concepts. The use of games, giving to charity and saving our key factors in preparing them to become a financially responsible young adult. Here are 4 Fun Activities to Teach Kids the Value of Money.

Play Games

A quick and easy way for kids to begin to understand the concept of money and its value is through the use of games. Monopoly and Payday are the obvious choices to get hands-on with money but online games like Adventure Capitalist can also be a great way for kids to learn about money management. The United States Mint even has an entire website full of games that help teach these concepts.

Collecting hobbies can also be a great way to show the value of money itself. Quarter books, collectible coins, and rare paper money can be found by looking through change. Getting them a collector’s guide so that they can go through the different years on the currency can be a lot of fun and quite the challenge.


It never hurts to get kids involved in charitable efforts early. This is a terrific way to show the value of money because you can actually watch that money work. Parents can show kids how the money that’s donated to a shelter, food bank, or other organization translates to a variety of opportunities to benefit the less fortunate.

Allowing the kids the chance to be involved in the selection of the charity can be extremely healthy on their empathy skills as well. Once the donation is made, volunteering time to see just how useful that money is can lead to a lifetime worth of giving down the road. They may even branch out on their own and begin to fundraise for causes they support independently.

The Piggy Bank

Nothing helps kids learn about money management more quickly than a piggy bank. There is nothing like taking change and popping it into a piggy bank. Hearing the clink of the metal bounce around is an exciting sound for children. Watching their savings grow can lead to profound realizations for children as they get older.

A lot of kids get allowances and put it into their piggy banks. This is a great idea, however, does little to show the value of money. Money should be tied to work–you do the job, you get paid. This is no different for children. If they complete a job, they receive compensation. This places a value on the money that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to receive.

Be the Role Model

Kids naturally want to mimic adults–it’s part of their learning process. Being financially literate yourself is key to raising a financially literate child. Parents should model the value of money to their kids, always. Two quick ways to model this are by using cash rather than a debit card when appropriate to show financial exchanges and saving change in a clear change jar or bin to show savings.

Getting children involved in the process is also a key to their understanding of money. Before heading out to the store, talk to your kids about what you plan on buying, how much it will cost, and how much you are bringing. If the child is ready for the responsibility, you can also allow them to pay for transactions using the cash. This allows them to see the trade with a personal touch.

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From Establishment To Success: 6 Tips For Small Businesses


Starting a business is no easy task. Firstly, the registration is tedious and complicated, and secondly, achieving success requires effective strategies and execution.

No one can offer a fool-proof path to entrepreneurial success because there is no thumb rule to overcoming business challenges.

From Establishment To Success: 6 Tips For Small Businesses

Apart from being an efficient multi-tasker, read on to learn what is required to help your business walk the right path and achieve the success that it deserves:


1- Conceptualisation to reality

Registration isn’t the first step to establishing a business venture; the idea is. You need to provide your potential customers with a solution that they have been looking for. It can be anything; from fuel-efficient machinery to an effective bathing essential. It can even be a better mousetrap. All you need to think about is a concept that can be turned into reality; beneficial for you and your prospects alike.


2- Building an efficient team

When you have an idea in hand, the next step is to convince like-minded people to get together and help you develop it with you. Building a team is an essential task of walking the path to success as it is time-consuming, requires innumerable efforts and can be costly. Your communication skills and approach are the only two things that can make a difference with this step.


3- Gathering capital from the right sources

To kickstart a business, you need a considerable amount of money, right? What is the right way to gather capital? Taking a loan from a bank seems to be the most common option, but it isn’t the right approach. Do you know why? It is because the interest rate is pretty high and a substantial amount of money needs to be paid up every month as interest. When you are building a business, you need more and more money every day to grow it; not pay the bank. The correct approach is to bootstrap the business till you can, borrow from friends and family or pitch your idea to a trusted venture capitalist. The first two of the options are the best because then you don’t have anyone forcing you to speed up the process, while the third one does require you to get profitable as soon as possible (no matter how temporary it is), although it also ensures professional support whenever needed.

New Product Sourcing

4- Making a long-term relationship with the customers

Attracting a customer towards your business one time will not lead your business to success; you need to ensure loyalty. Building a long-term relationship with them is essential for constant growth! Period. Some of the many ways to achieve this are as follows:

  • Discounts
  • Offers like buy 1 get 1, etcetera
  • Free samples
  • Merchandising
  • Participating in events
  • Addressing complaints and resolving them right away

And many more.


Your marketing strategy also plays a critical role in keeping your prospects in line with your business. Your prospects need to know your objectives and should be convinced to help you grow. They need to know that their opinions matter for them to make your business matter too.


5- Collecting data and improving every day

You need to collect data from the market to improve every day. Change is the only constant! You have to change to make sure you are running together with the world, and only then, you will be able to keep your prospects positively engaged. Surveys, trunk calls and many other ways are there to gather data. The most prominent is your sales; if it is increasing exponentially, then you don’t have to worry about a thing, but if it isn’t, then know why and improve it immediately.


6- Corporate events and sponsorships

Corporate events and sponsoring public events is a marketing-cum-advertising approach which needs to be planned to ensure maximum impact. Small businesses can sponsor college events or conduct workshops to market their products and services to their potential customers indirectly. This is effective only if the events are marketed to the right set of people; so do keep this in mind. Small businesses require references and word of mouth marketing to get more and more customers, and eventually, walk towards success.

New businesses don’t understand the importance of technology, traditional marketing strategies and building fruitful business-customer relationships, which makes them run towards a temporary path of success, while the tips mentioned above can help them direct their business on the correct path and grow exponentially.

New businesses don’t understand the importance of technology, traditional marketing strategies and building fruitful business-customer relationships, which makes them run towards a temporary path of success, while the tips mentioned above can help them direct their business on the correct path and grow exponentially.

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Toss the Scale: 5 Other Ways to Track Fitness Progress


While tracking progress is a proven way to meet fitness goals, many people mistakenly think that watching the numbers on the scale is the only way to see how they’re doing. Even though it’s important to track your pounds, scales don’t always give the whole story. That’s because they don’t tell you how much fat you’ve lost, muscle you’ve gained, or water you might be retaining. Instead, toss the scale and track your fitness progress using one of these other options.


Tracking Workouts

Toss the Scale: 5 Other Ways to Track Fitness Progress

Tracking your workouts will give you a good indication that your strength and stamina is improving. Whether you make a note of how long it takes you to run a mile every week or you write down how many reps you can complete with each workout, you’ll soon start to see your numbers improving. Plus, tracking your workouts gives you a goal to beat. If you were able to do 10 reps this week, push yourself to do 15 reps next week. As you continually challenge yourself, your workouts will get better, and you’ll see improvements.


Monitoring Calorie Consumption

Tracking how many calories you consume is just as important as tracking your workouts. You always need to make sure you’re burning more calories than you take in to get the results you want. Plus, it’s not just how many calories you consume that’s important. The quality of those calories also counts. While some processed foods might be low in calories, they don’t have the beneficial vitamins and nutrients that unprocessed foods can give your body.


Taking Body Measurements

Taking your body measurements is important because even if the number on the scale hasn’t moved, a lower measurement shows you’re losing fat and gaining muscle. A few of the best places to measure are the fullest part of your chest, around your waist where you would wear a belt, the widest part of your hips, and the widest part of your thigh.


Using an Exercise Tracker

An exercise tracker lets you monitor a variety of activities related to health and fitness, such as calories consumed, calories burned, heart rate, and even your quality of sleep. Choose a wearable exercise tracker, and you won’t have to guess at how many calories you burned or how far you ran because the device calculates an accurate number. Exercise trackers will also keep a record of your workouts to help you improve your results.


Taking Body Pictures

Weight loss and muscle gain are slow processes. It’s hard for the human eye to see the small changes that occur from day-to-day. However, if you take progress pictures, you’ll be able to get visual confirmation that your work is paying off and you’re making progress. For an accurate view, take your pictures from the front and side, wear the same clothing, and make sure everything from the lighting in the room to the pose you do is the same.


When you’re trying to track your progress to meet your fitness goals, skip stepping on the scale and go for one of these alternative tracking options instead.

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