5 Fun-Patterned Scrubs for Nurses Working in Pediatrics

As a nurse, working with children can be difficult, yet rewarding. Your main job is to help them feel better, but you also develop a special place in your heart for each child you take care of. In pediatric nursing, your scrubs can be a driving force in making your patients feel more comfortable.

Did you know that wearing bright, multi-color, character scrubs is highly preferred by children and their parents? The Journal of Clinical Nursing proved this with a research study.

Fun-Patterned Scrubs for Nurses

So, brighten up your patients’ day by wearing fun scrubs to work. Below are 5 fun-patterned scrubs for pediatric nurses.


Disney Cute as a Cupcake Scrub Top

This design will surely brighten up a kid’s day. It has Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and cupcakes featured on the top. The colors are bright and fun. There is black piping along the neckline and a front yoke. The scrub top has side slits to make for a more comfortable and loose fit.

If you are someone that loves to store things, this top has two large front patch pockets. This top features polyester and spandex. It has stretch with a super soft feel. This top can be worn with a variety of solid color pants.


Sesame Street Cookie Mix Scrub Top

Sesame Street is a fun classic that continues to remain relevant and popular with children. The top features Cookie Monster and of course cookies! This top is sure to delight both patients and their parents.

Conventional nursing scrubs are usually solid in color and less attractive. This top is vibrant and full of life. The key feature of this top is that it has 4 pockets. There are 2 front patch pockets and 2 outer pockets. There is a double utility loop on the left pocket. You will have ample enough space for storage.

This scrub top is a hit. It also features other characters from Sesame Street. The top is black with multicolor characters and cookies. It can be worn with solid black scrub pants, or if you would like to really add vibrancy you can choose bright-colored scrub pants. You will have both stretch and softness with this top.


Dino Land Liberty Purple Scrub Top

Both little girls and little boys like dinosaurs. This scrub top is purple and features multi-color dinosaurs. It has a modern style with criss-cross trim detail.

The fit of this scrub top is amazing, it has a v-neckline. You will not have to worry about pocket space with this option. There are 4 front pockets. If you like scrub tops that give you freedom for a range of motion, I recommend this top. The side slits provide you with a tailored fit.

The approximate length of this top is around 27 inches. The fabric is a mixture of polyester and spandex for a soft fit. What scrub bottoms should you wear with this top? This top can be matched with black, purple, white, or red scrub pants. You have a variety of options with this top.


Marvel Avengers Suit Up Scrub Top

Pediatric nurses are superheroes to their patients, why not dress the part? This Marvel Avengers scrub top has a fresh new design. This is not your conventional scrub top.

The front side of the top features characters from The Avengers movie. The backside of the top is solid black. There is one front kangaroo pocket for storage.

Another unique feature on this scrub top is the instrument loops on the left sleeve. This stylish scrub top has a v-neckline. The fabric on this top has stretch and softness. What’s so great about this top is that you can wear it with black, gray, red, or white pants.


Disney Pixar Incredibles II Scrub Top

Next on the list is the Disney Pixar Incredibles II scrub top, this top is one of my favorites. The top is black, red, and yellow with the Incredibles characters on the front.

This top mixes style and functionality. There is black trim along the neckline. The backside of the top is solid black. The back slits provide extra room for a comfortable fit. There is a front kangaroo pocket for storage.

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9 Mind Blowing Causes of Sudden Knee Pain

From a medical standpoint, a person’s knee is a complex joint that involves a lot of moving parts. As a result, this increases the likelihood of your knee getting injured. Everyday activities and movement can promote symptoms of fatigue and knee pain in older people. If you have not encountered a sudden knee pain before, it might be extremely difficult to know what to do when you actually feel the knee pain.

It is worth mentioning that some causes of sudden knee pain are health emergencies and they require assistance from a pain specialist. However, there are also other knee conditions that can be treated at home. This article will show you the major causes of sudden knee pain. It will assist you in spotting the differences and knowing what to do next.

Normally, when people experience sudden knee pain, they relate it to an injury. But you need to understand that your knee is a tricky part of the body. It involves a number of parts that can be worn, stretched, torn, ruptured or aggravated. A hard fall is the only thing your knee needs to become injured.


1. Facture

A fracture is the most common cause of sudden knee pain. There are two main types of fractures such as a tibial plateau fracture and a distal femoral fracture. The first type of fracture involves the kneecap and shinbone. It normally leads to sharp pain, swelling and inability to move your joint.

The latter mentioned type of fracture deals with the lower kneecap and thigh. It normally causes the same symptoms as a tibial plateau fracture. Intense pain and swelling can be also caused by a broken kneecap. Simple falls and traumatic fractures can cause fractures that involve the aforementioned bones.


2. Tendinitis

As far as you know, tendons connect the joints to your bones. Running and walking normally cause the tendons to become swollen and inflamed. This condition is known as tendinitis. According to pain specialists, tendinitis of the knee is a common health condition. Some symptoms of tendinitis of the knee are swelling, a dual ache and tightness. Because of tendinitis, you will not be able to move the affected joint until after you rest.


3. Runner’s knee

If you experience the knee pain that starts around and behind your kneecap you might be having runner’s knee. This is a common condition among people who are regularly involved in active sports. Additionally, adults are more prone to getting exposed to the runner’s knee. Some symptoms of this condition include a dull throbbing behind your kneecap. Because of the runner’s knee your knee might pop and grind.


4. Torn ligament

Anterior cruciate ligament and the medial collateral ligament are the most commonly injured ligaments in a person’s knee. Apart from that, you can also tear the PCL, LCL and MPFL ligaments in your knee. It is common for professional athletes to tear the aforementioned ligaments.

In some cases, you will be able to detect the moment when the tear happened. Although, the cause of the injury is less traumatic. For instance, the ACL ligament can be torn as a result of a hit to the knee at a bad angle. If you tear these ligaments of your knee you will hear a popping sound followed by swelling. Along with swelling, you will also experience severe knee pain. The only way you will be able to move your joint is by using assistance from a brace.


5. Osteoarthritis

Sudden knee pain can signal the development of osteoarthritis, which is the most common type of arthritis. Pain management doctors claim that athletes, old people and construction workers are at a higher risk of encountering this condition.

If you feel tenderness and inflammation of the knee, it might be the case that OA is starting to develop. Generally, people with OA experience a gradual increase in levels of knee pain. In the early stages, OA can affect only one knee but it is more likely that it would affect both knees later on.


6. Bursitis

Fluid-filled sacs between your joints are called the bursae. They can become inflamed around your knees, which causes bursitis. Bleeding your bursae and repeatedly bending your knee can lead to the sudden development of the symptoms of bursitis. Bursitis of the knee is not a common condition but it can still occur. Swelling in one or both knees and acute pain are considered the most common symptoms of bursitis.


7. Injured meniscus

In simple terms, menisci are pieces of cartilage in your knee. Your torn or injured meniscus can occur if you twist your knee forcibly. When your meniscus gets injured you will hear a popping sound followed by severe pain as well as swelling. Because of the injured meniscus, you will feel you’re being locked in place. This condition typically affects one knee at a time.


8. Gout

Gout can be caused by a buildup of uric acid in the body. This acid is believed to collect in your feet and it can affect both knees. Pain specialists add that postmenopausal women and middle-aged men are at a higher risk of encountering this knee condition.

Because of the gout, you will feel a sharp pain and a lot of swelling. This problem can last for a few days. If you have never experienced knee pain before and it comes on suddenly, it might be the start of gout.


9. Infectious arthritis

Infectious arthritis is a type of arthritis that occurs because of the infected fluid surrounding your joint. This fluid can become septic if you leave it untreated. Normally, septic arthritis requires emergency surgery and is considered a medical emergency.

Because of the infectious arthritis, you will experience a sudden pain in one of your knees. If you have already experienced arthritis, a weakened immune system or gout, you are running a higher risk for infectious arthritis.


Just like with any other health condition, treatment of knee pain depends on the cause. Generally, fractured or broken bones require an assessment of a pain management doctor. In order to stabilize the knee during the healing process, a cast or a splint might be needed. Severe fractures require surgery along with a splint and physical therapy.

In order to treat tendonitis, gout, bursitis or runner’s knee, your healthcare provider will advise you to start with resting the joint. Swelling can be controlled by applying ice. Healing is stimulated by elevating and staying off your joint. Apart from that, your doctor may prescribe you NSAIDs like ibuprofen. You can also manage pain by making use of physical therapy. Treatment of gout requires modifications to the diet.

Ligament, cartilage and joint tears in your knees need to be treated by your pain specialist. Before the treatment, your doctor will perform imaging diagnostics and a clinical assessment. The results of these assessments will determine whether your treatment will include anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy or surgery.


You have to keep in mind that the recovery process from knee surgery can take some time. In general, it takes between 6 months to one year to get back to your normal activities. Do not attempt to treat your knee pain without a preliminary assessment of a pain specialist. Furthermore, do not ignore the symptoms of knee injury as the earlier you start treatment, the earlier you will resume your regular activities.

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Mending a Broken Heart: How to Recover From a Divorce

Divorce, especially when you didn’t see it coming, can leave your heart in ruins. It’s not a life sentence, though. Here’s how to recover from a divorce.

According to the CDC, there are about 787,251 divorces a year.

If you’re one of those people who are going to be getting a divorce, it can be a difficult time and can be hard to get through.

Divorce, especially when you didn’t see it coming, can leave your heart in ruins. It’s not a life sentence, though. Here’s how to recover from a divorce.


Cultivate Positive Friendships

One thing you should do is make sure that you cultivate positive friendships.

When you’re losing your closest friend, it can be important to have other positive friendships in your life. A lot of people have recently been divorced, and it can be helpful to find support from other friends.

If they were mutual friends with your spouse, those friendships can be difficult.

However, you should have your own good friends that you can rely on. You may even discover that now you have time to make new friends.


Ask for Help

This can be a difficult time, but it’s important to ask for help.

You can’t bottle all of your feelings up inside you, or they’ll end up bursting out. Your friends can offer some support, but they may not be able to help you all of the time.

It’s important to reach out to your family and friends, but you may also need to reach out for professional help as well.

There’s nothing wrong with going to see a therapist who can help you navigate this difficult time in your life.

You can also reach out to 2nd Opinion Partners for help as well.



Traveling is also a great way to find yourself again and take your mind off of the divorce.

A change in the environment is always a good thing for your healing process. If you have the time and money to travel, you should definitely take it.

Whether it’s a quick or long trip, it can help you feel like you’re starting over and turning over a new leaf.


Make Sure You Grieve

In the middle of a divorce, it can be difficult to realize that you need to make sure that you grieve.

You’re losing one of the closest people in your life, so you want to make sure that you take time to go through the grieving process. Make sure you take down all the old photos and cry.

Don’t let your grieving go on forever though. Give yourself some time to grieve and then make sure you set a pact to pick yourself up and move on with your life.


Don’t Close Yourself to Love

You should also make sure that you don’t close yourself off to love.

Just because this marriage didn’t work out doesn’t mean that you can’t find it again with someone else.

Make sure you heal and then let yourself meet new people and don’t close yourself off to a new relationship.


Discover More on How to Recover From a Divorce

These are only a few tips on how to recover from a divorce. It can be a difficult time, but if it feels too overwhelming, make sure that you reach out for professional help.

If you learned from this article, make sure you check out our website for others just like it!

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How Self Isolation Will Affect Online Gambling Amid The Coronavirus

In case you hadn’t heard, something called the Coronavirus is currently ravaging the global economy and causing hundreds of thousands of people to fall seriously ill in the process.

Whilst undoubtedly these are worrying times for mankind, online gambling businesses will be just as concerned at the prospect of financial woes due to the spread of COVID-19. Many casinos these days offer phone bill payment to make gaming easier for customers, and here you can find a list of sites that offer this service.

In this article, we will take a close look at how self-isolation will affect online gambling amid the coronavirus. We will take a deep dive into whether or not the virus looks set to be a boon or a curse for the industry, as well as ways in which online gambling businesses can combat the effects of the illness.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at how self-isolation will affect online gambling amid the coronavirus…


Big Problems for Online Sports Betting

Throughout the global economy, sports betting has taken a massive hit due to the cancellation of all sporting events as a result of Coronavirus. This comes as a serious catastrophe for the industry, with clubs, players and fans in all sports also feeling the misery.

Sports betting businesses will hope to survive during this leanest of spells, yet it should be expected that many small to medium-sized businesses will go under as a result of the spread of the Coronavirus. Without a doubt, companies will be crossing fingers, toes and everything else they can as they wish for as quick a return to regular-season gaming as is possible.


How will online casino sites deal with Coronavirus?

Due to the fact that the vast majority of us are under self-isolation right now, many experts predicted a surge in online gambling because there are so many idle minds sitting around without much to do.

Sadly for the industry, it turns out that this is just plain wrong.

It would appear that the Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a massive drop in the takings for pretty much all online gambling sites across the world. With job security at a low, it appears that punters just are not in the mood for taking chances right now. Truth is; who can blame them?


In time, we may see a return to the normal order of things as the virus calms and people become more comfortable with wagering their hard-earned cash on a few hands of poker or a spin of the slot machine. Without a doubt, many online casinos will feel the chill during this longest of winters and jobs are certain to be slashed. With less money coming in, companies simply can’t afford to pay wages to their staff.

In the end, the Coronavirus tragedy and the self-isolation that comes, as a result, is going to be a huge obstacle to overcome for all of humanity. Whether or not the online gambling industry will ever get back to itself remains to be seen, with many predicting a return to form once panic subsides. Experts still don’t know when this may be, but conservative estimates suggest at least a year until a vaccine is safely usable.

Whether they are massive corporations looking to make billions every year or smaller businesses only looking to get ahead, Coronavirus has had a negative impact on everyone involved in online gambling.


Hopefully, if we all observe the self-isolation recommendations accordingly, punters and casinos alike will be able to come through this tough time together and the online gambling business can rise once more.

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Best Moving Apps

Did you have to carry uncomfortable bags of shoes and heavy boxes of books during the move? If so, you probably just didn’t know that light shoes are more convenient to transport in wine boxes, and books-in a suitcase on wheels. Even a child can transport them without straining.

We hope that this list of tips will help you move to a new place faster and not forget anything in the previous one. What do you do to make it easier for yourself to move? In the 21 century technology can help to plan a less stressful move. The many apps available on our smartphones are gaining their popularity. Let me introduce some of the most useful that can provide you with a smoother moving process from start to finish.


  1. MoveAdvisor – Free

This free app helps you get organized and stay on top of all the things you need to do leading up to a big move. Some helpful features of this App include a weekly moving timeline, which helps you remember tasks and see your progress, and a home inventory to virtually keep track of all your possessions room-by-room. You can also locate moving companies, read reviews, and obtain estimates with the app.


  1. Letgo – Free

Letgo is an app for buying and selling goods locally. If you’re trying to unload some of the clutter before your move, it makes it easy to connect with buyers in your local community. Many users feel it’s more trustworthy and simpler to use than Craigslist, and the app’s popularity continues to grow.


  1. Zillow – Free

Zillow’s robust real estate app can help you find a new place to buy or rent, with up-to-date listings and instant notifications. In addition to searching for homes, Zillow also has tools to help you determine your budget and connect with real estate agents or property managers in your area.


  1. Sortly– Free, or $3.99/Month for Premium Plan

With Sortly, you can create a visual inventory of all the items in your house. You can add photos, product information, and notes for each item. The database creates a searchable home inventory that helps you track all of your belongings and remember where items are: in storage, at home, or anywhere else.

The app includes an eight-week moving checklist with a detailed timeline for each task you’ll need to complete as you prepare to move.

Download Sortly on the App Store or Google Play.


  1. Waze – Free

Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation app. It lets drivers share real-time traffic and road information. The app offers voice-guided directions, traffic advisories, and even displays gas prices near you. If you’re trying to plan out your new commute, Waze lets you see your commute time and can even remind you when it’s time to leave.


  1. Nextdoor– Free

This app works like a private social network to help connect you with your neighbors. The app keeps everyone up to date with what’s going on in their community and lets users share local news. Neighbors can use the platform to help each other with everything from planning a neighborhood event to finding a recommendation for a babysitter.


Having everything under your control is very important. But believe our experience if you want to stay calm during your move-you better hire a professional moving company. If you have any questions or would like to know more information about https://4mymoving.com/appliance-movers/, don’t be shy to contact the best movers https://moving-helpers.com/ as soon as possible. Our reliable helpers specialized in long-distance moving will be happy to assist your forthcoming relocation and make it fulfilled! Start your FREE moving quote and moving cost calculation right now, don’t hesitate! I wish you good luck.

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