Public WiFi Networks And Cyber Security


Do you know basic cyber security rules everyone should follow in order to protect their private data?

We suppose most of you who are not in this industry have never thought about data protection and privacy online. Some people consider it to be a government-level issue. But the truth is that even your government can monitor your Internet activity. Thus, this is not a problem your country should take care of but you as a person. Only you responsible for how protected your smartphone, laptop, or tablet is. Today, we’re going to address public WiFi connections in order to understand how to solve the main cyber security issue we have. We’re going to talk about a VPN specifically as the most universal and reachable tool for a data protection. So, if you’re new to the VPNs in general, have a look at in order to get a detailed information and a variety of different VPNs which you can choose from.

So, let’s get started.

Public WiFi Networks And Cyber Security

VPNs and Public WiFi Hotspots

What does a connection to a public WiFi mean? Imagine you’re sitting in the airport, drinking coffee in a cafe, or just waiting for someone in a hotel lobby. You notice, that there is a free WiFi signal there, get a password, and connect to the network. And that is when the problems begin. As you’re not alone on that public network. Everyone browsing their smartphones or laptops nearby is probably connected too. What does it mean? Your or someone else’s information can be easily grabbed from that network. It can be anything you’re doing at the moment:

  • Social media communication;
  • Email typing;
  • Or bank manipulations.

VPN Security

This information can be stolen just in a minute if you don’t have any software or service to protect it quickly. In our case, it is a VPN. Why a VPN? It is the fastest and the easiest way to get secure with that kind of information you have. To find, download, and install a VPN service take up to 30 minutes or even faster. You can easily do it before going somewhere with a public WiFi if you haven’t done it yet.

Some people think that having a password prevents a public WiFi signal from being dangerous for the data privacy. But having a password means nothing when it comes to public networks. As it is a shared space that provides different people with the same rights, making them equal. So, any information there can be viewed.

For Windows users, we can recommend choosing a public network option when it pops up whenever you connect to any unprotected signal. Or do it directly in your network settings to provide an extra layer of protection for the device.

The one thing you have to remember is that a public WiFi is a public place shared by everyone who is in the network at the moment. So, always take measures for your personal data security as in any other public space you go to.

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Using Linear Motion System and Actuators For Comfortable Sleeping Or Sitting Positions

Comfortable Sleeping

Our days, particularly those of us who have adopted more sedentary lifestyles, are spent either sitting or lying down in various positions. Being able to use proper support when doing these things is something which can help to prevent many health issues over time, particularly ones which affect your back, legs, joints, and feet. Avoiding problems as we move through life is extremely important, since we rely on our bodies as we age.


Sleeping on a bad mattress is something which can do irreversible damage to your spine over time, as can using the wrong pillows. Your neck, shoulders, and back, are all very important to overall health, particularly in later life. Pain in any of them can be a miserable experience, and so should be avoided. Mattresses, desks, and chairs have all existed for hundreds of years, but the recent changes in technology have meant that they are undergoing changes (mostly involving 12v linear actuators) which will completely change the way we use them. Pain from mattresses and chairs is normally caused by them not being suspended enough – with the inclusion of actuators and motion systems, everyone can find a chair and mattress which works for them, and avoid any pain in the future.

Linear Motion System


Hospitals could have a huge number of reasons for using motion systems in their facilities, ranging from practicality to having some medical usage.

  • Being able to change the height and relative stance of both beds and chairs will allow hospitals to serve patients better, by giving them furniture which is better suited to their needs. Hospitals are stressful and painful enough without adding in the pain and discomfort which can occur from ill-fitting furniture. In some cases, healing is actively helped along by having chairs which are higher than normal (think of hip replacements, for example), so being able to provide these things will be actively beneficial.
  • Having this type of furniture can be helpful for the hospital staff too – being able to change the overall height of beds can mean that staff who are charged with changing the linen will not need to hurt themselves when bending and stretching all the time. Similarly, staff who are using desks and chairs for administrative work can also change their relative heights to suit themselves better, thus saving their own necks and backs.
  • Being able to change the heights of furniture can aid in people’s rehabilitation, as was touched on earlier; people with hip replacements can’t bend very well, so having furniture which can be put higher for them immediately after surgery, and then slowly lowered over time as they heal, can be very beneficial.


Home is where we spend most of our leisure time; therefore it is important that that time be as pain-free as possible. There is a lot of furniture in the home which can be improved by the addition of a motion system and linear actuators, which has been proven by the existence and enduring popularity of TV lifts.

  • TV lifts work because they allow people to move the TV to a precise location which suits their own particular seating style. They don’t have to crane their neck in any particular way, because they can simply move the TV to where they want it to go.
  • Chairs can be fitted with motion systems to help people maintain good posture, especially if they work from home and so use an office chair. Good posture is necessary for maintaining a healthy back and neck, and so everybody should take the time to make sure that they have a good chair, which can be adjusted depending on how people are feeling that day.
  • Couches and comfy seats are often left out of these discussions, but they are equally important when it comes to maintaining good overall health in the area of necks and backs as any other piece of furniture. Having linear actuators in them means that you can adjust them to better suit you, and keep you in a relatively good position which still allows you to relax.
  • Beds are particularly suited to linear actuators, as there is a larger surface area which can be fitted with a motion system. This allows people to make beds fit them particularly well, with bits raised and lowered as suits their own individual backs and joints.

Linear Motion System and Actuators


This is only a very minor look at the uses linear actuators can have in creating comfortable sleeping and sitting positions – there is a lot of very useful information out there for anyone who wants to learn more, but hopefully this article was a good starting point for anyone who wants to learn more. Overall health is greatly helped by having a back and neck which are fully functional, and life in general is something which can be enjoyed much more effectively if there is no pain there to mar your day to day experiences of it.

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Paving the Way Toward Success by Changing Your Lifestyle

Success by Changing Your Lifestyle

The sad fact of the matter is that when you want to succeed, there are often a lot of changes that you need to make before that success is able to become a reality. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do, starting now, to prime yourself for success and begin to pave the way to a successful lifestyle!

To get on the right path, you need to begin with the fundamentals. Without tending to the basics, you are ultimately going to be overwhelmed and consumed by the tremendous amount of work it takes to become successful at any given task. When we aren’t taking care of ourselves properly and providing ourselves with the tools we need to succeed, we are asking for trouble. Success is elusive enough without giving it more reasons to evade us!


To begin with, when we aren’t taking care of ourselves fundamentally, we are not giving our bodies the physical resources that they need to succeed. Getting enough sleep at night, making sure to eat a nourishing breakfast, and exercising daily are some of the most fundamental and important ways that we can prime ourselves for success. Add to that making sure that you are eating healthy foods that are not processed and avoiding sugar, and you will be shocked by just how well you find yourself able to focus!

But that is just the beginning. Making changes in your life to prime yourself for success also has to do with your mind as well. Instead of spending time watching television or drowning your life in social media, replace those things with tools that will help to jump start you on the path to success, such as reading or listening to inspirational radio shows or podcasts by people who are living the dream!


Focus on books and shows that you know are going to give you information that pertains to your goal specifically, and motivational speakers and writers who will help you to get in touch with yourself and your inspiration. Listen to these sorts of speakers or read motivational books and articles at least once per day in order to really take advantage of their full affect. It’s transformative!

Another important lifestyle change to make is to surround yourself with people who are actually working toward their dreams rather than complaining about how unfair the world is for leaving them behind. These people are toxic when you are trying to get yourself on the path to success. Humans are impressionable, and when you surround yourself with people who do not believe they can succeed, you may be more prone to doubting yourself. Surround yourself with other motivated and inspirational people and you are bound to go far!


There are many different lifestyle changes that you can make to prime yourself for success, some of them obvious and some of them less so. If you are dedicated to planning a life of achievement for yourself, and willing to make the changes necessary to succeed, then there is no way you will fail at making your dreams a reality!

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Who are the members of Yamoto Band?

Yamoto Band Members

Tanzanian Bongo boy band Yamoto Band has, unfortunately, split up not so long ago. The authors of the resounding hit Nitakupwelepweta could not stay together for long and now are trying to find their own paths in the music industry.


Tanzanian Bongo boy band Yamoto Band has, unfortunately, split up not so long ago. The authors of the resounding hit Nitakupwelepweta could not stay together for long and now are trying to find their own paths in the music industry. Check out this article about Yamoto Band, where we will talk about its members and what they are up to now.

The band started out back in 2013. Back then, it was called Mkubwa na Wanawe. However, after their first single by the name of Yamoto became popular, the band decided to adopt it as their new name. Before coming together, all of the members were Bongo Flava artists. Let’s get to know them a little bit closer.


Dogo Aslay

Young man by the name of Siaka Nasor, who is popularly known as Dogo Aslay, can probably be called the backbone of Yamoto Band. Even before he joined the group, he had already had a reputation for himself. Dogo is behind some of the best singles of the group, including Naenda Kusema Kwa Mama.

The singer was very close with his mother. When she died because of issues with blood pressure back in 2015, Dogo almost shut down himself. It took him a while to get back on his feet and return to the life of being a boy band star.


Despite being arguably one of the most essential members of the group, Dogo Aslay was the first one to leave. Even before the band formally announced their breakup, he went on to produce his first solo single Kidawa without telling his bandmates or their management.

Dogo’s attempt at being a solo artist was repeated by his fellow band members, and, before you knew it, the Yamoto Band fell apart.

These days, Aslay is the most popular out of the four. He has 1.4 million followers on Instagram (@aslayisihaka), several singles to his name, many memorable collaborations and gigs all over the country and beyond. It looks like he is doing much better solo.


Enock Bella

Out of the four band members, Enock probably has the most distinct voice. It was a common element of most songs of Yamoto Band, as each song had his vocal stylings right before the climax.

Even though Enock ventured into his own solo career, he once admitted that it was hard for him to overcome the group mentality he developed while being a part of Yamoto Band.

Today, on top of being a singer, Enock is also a songwriter and an actor. He is not as popular as Aslay, as he only has 313 thousand followers on Instagram (@enockbellaofficial), but he is still doing very well, if his photos are any indication.


Beka Flavour

Beka was the first person to blame Dogo for the tumult inside the group. He was incredibly displeased with the fact that Aslay went behind everyone’s back and recorded a solo track while still being a part of the group.

It seems like Beka can breathe easier now that he is a free man. He has released several successful singles and continues to win over the hearts of his fans.

Just like Enock, Beka has also ventured into acting, all the while continuing to sing and write songs. He has 41.6 thousand followers on Instagram (@bekaflavour) and hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.



Back when he was a member of Yamoto Band, Maromboso, whose real name is Mbwana Yusuph Kilungi, had been the most stylish one of the group. One of the reasons why the band became so popular was probably his impeccable sense of style.

During the time when the Yamoto Band was ‘on a break’, he was closely associated with one of the Bongo kings, Diamond.

Today, Maromboso seems like the least active of the four. Yes, he has recorded several memorable singles, including his song with Aslay, but he does not seem to be as popular as the rest of his ex-bandmates. His Instagram (@maromboso) has less than a thousand followers, and he does not even use it all that often.

Now you know more about the past members of Yamoto Band. Have you listened to the band? Do you continue to follow the separate careers of its members? Let us know!


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Looking for Nice but Affordable Wigs? Where to Find Cute Cheap Wigs Online


Wigs are back. Everyone is wearing a cute pink wig under a beanie or a cool aqua wig for a night out. However it’s worn, the possibilities are endless when you can change your hair to whatever you want.


Synthetic or human, there are dreamy wigs out there that don’t have to cost a lot.

From cosplay to made-to-look-real extensions, we found the best places to find cheap wigs online – for men and women!



For trendy yet inexpensive items, Gamiss is making big waves in online commerce. The company offers in style options for people that want to save money but still look stylish.

Gamiss offers affordable clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes, and hair products including wigs.

For example, they have this wig that looks so nice for under $20. It has an accent color that comes in red, purple, pink, or green.

Affordable Wigs

Another one is this one that lets you sport a beautiful and playful synthetic blond style. The realistic gradient color looks natural and feminine.

playful synthetic blond style wig

So glam!


Though Gamiss has great deals all the time, there’s usually a Gamiss promo code or two floating around the web. These low prices place Gamiss first on our list.



One of the best places go find cheap wigs is Amazon. They feature great discounted companies that sell neat wigs through the online e-commerce giant.

Pink hair is huge right now, so this wig is a popular choice.

Pink hair wig

pink wig

Since the wigs from this company are so cheap, feel free to snip and chop and experiment with how it looks with your face and style.

This is an Instagram worthy look, especially with a black beanie like we mentioned before!

Another choice is this one if you want to don the Seapunk look. Aqua is very chic right now as you’ve probably seen on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram.

green wigs


Another deep discount website is Rosegal. This site sells the cheapest dresses, accessories, and everything else around.

Their wigs are no different.

snazzy wigs

Look at all these snazzy wigs.

This one is so adorable. Fluffy and wavy, Rosegal sells this wig for under $20. Transform your whole look by wearing this!

synthetic wigs

Their synthetic wigs look real, but they do offer real human hair wigs as well.

Get this gorgeous blonde wig for $60, which is fantastic for human hair!

cheap wigs


Another factory price company similar to Rosegal in name and products is Rosewholesale. They sell cheap wigs online at prices you’re looking for. They stay in touch with current styles while selling you the alternative to all the big expensive brands.

seductive purple wig

Take a look at this seductive purple wig that you can get for $14.28! It’s unreal.

hair wig

You can literally get a wig along with an entire outfit including shoes for under $50. It’s a challenge worth taking!



Cheap retail companies are becoming more and more successful so there are a lot hopping on. LightInTheBox is a newer known company that sells discounted but in-trend items.

At LightInTheBox, you’ll find wigs of all types.

womens wigs

These wigs are a tad more expensive than the others on the list but they’re still seriously cheap for the market.

Not only will you find great women’s wigs, but you’ll find an impressively large assortment of toupees for men.

wigs for men

They have half wigs, human hair, synthetic, and everything else you need to get your hands on.



SammyDress is another online retailer that sells cheap wigs. They’re a global wholesaler where you can find anything from clothes to children’s toys.

Cute wig

Cute, cute, cute!

Divatress wigs

There are tons of beautiful options at unbeatable prices.



This next brand is unique in that the main focus is wigs. Divatress offers accessories and other beauty products but wigs are their game.

Divatress offers thousands of black hair care products and brands from Batik, Indi Remi, and the Vivica A. Fox Collection.

wigs Divatress

From wigs to weaves and everything else, you’ll find it at Divatress.

celebrities wigs


To get the look celebrities have, check out Dresslily.

Dresslily cheap wigs

Dresslily sells wigs that copy the same trends you see on Instagram but for a fraction of the price.

No need to spend all that time growing your hair out and keeping it healthy. Get the super popular long straight black hairstyle for under $20 and wear the look whenever you want!

cosplay wigs

You can even find cosplay wigs for costume parties or comic cons.

Jessica Rabbit wigs

Get that Jessica Rabbit look for only $18.66.

Screamin wigs

See what we mean? Screamin’ deals.

Find men’s wigs and toupees as well that range from costume to casual wear.

Banggood wigs


A retailer from China, Banggood aims to offer the “best bang for your buck,” providing electronics, apparel, and other things at very cheap prices.

The online shop offer wigs for less than other stores.

fantastic wigs

Shop at Banggood and read reviews from customers who’ve bought the product you’re thinking of purchasing.

fun cosplay wigs

Browse fun cosplay wigs along with wigs that you want to incorporate into your personal style.


Oriental Trading

For the last on the list, we’re going to end it on a funny note.  Known as a party and event supply company, Oriental Trading actually sells wigs as well (and for cheap).

Oriental Trading wigs

Find your goofiest wig and get it from Oriental Trading. They’re a trusted company that sells quality items for cheaper than many other brands.

These might not be the wigs to wear when you’re just trying to look nice, but they’re awesome for funny outfits and costume parties! Prepare for Halloween early and start browsing these hilarious wigs.

Halloween wigs

Wig Out!

Now that you know where to go, get the wig you’re looking for and debut a whole new you.

For everyday wear or a special event, pick the one that speaks to you and enjoy a refreshing change without hurting your budget.

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