The Innovative Tech Helping Cannabis Producers Stay Compliant With Regulations

The Innovative Tech Helping Cannabis Producers Stay Compliant With Regulations

The wave of cannabis legalization and decriminalization that has swept across Europe, North America, and South America has been accompanied by a wave of regulations designed to keep cannabis safe.

In many countries, these regulations place a major burden on producers, who must keep detailed information about every plant they grow and harvest, and report regularly on their operations.

The Innovative Tech Helping Cannabis Producers Stay Compliant With Regulations

These regulations have made cannabis production more responsible, but they have also posed a logistical challenge, one that has required producers to turn to the tech industry for solutions. Here are three ways tech firms are responding in order to keep cannabis production streamlined, profitable, and compliant with regulations.


Seed-to-Sale Platforms

Cannabis producers need to be able to prove to government regulators that their products are being grown, harvested, packaged, and delivered to customers in ways that are safe and which keep cannabis out of the hands of minors.

This requires what has come to be known as “seed-to-sale tracking.” Producers need to be able to trace the origin and destination of each of their plants, from the moment of planting to the day the finished product is shipped off to the customer’s home or business.

High-tech seed-to-sale platforms help producers harvest and store all this information using advanced tracking software, and make everything from filing reports to issuing product recalls significantly less labor-intensive.


Cannabis Payment Solutions

In countries like Canada and states like California and Colorado, e-commerce platforms have proven to be a major component of cannabis marketing and sales. By cutting out the middleman, online shops can sell and deliver their product directly to the customer, making things easier for the consumer and more transparent for regulators.

But finding ways to design an all in one cannabis business payment solution that will allow cannabis businesses to sell to each other while staying compliant with regulations has proven to be a challenge, one that only sophisticated cannabis payment software has been able to adequately meet.

Cannabis Payment Solutions


Patient Registration Software

Medical cannabis is a central part of the modern cannabis industry, and patients rely on medical cannabis for relief from pain caused by a wide range of different ailments. But making sure patients can receive their medication in a safe, efficient way and registering new patients is something of a challenge.

Fortunately, new tech solutions are making it easier for patients to be referred directly by clinics to cannabis producers who can then fill the prescriptions in a timely way.

Not only do these cannabis care platforms make it possible for patients to be signed up electronically in a matter of minutes, but they also offer enhanced security: each prescription that is sent out is easily traceable, which makes it easy for law enforcement to track any cannabis products that are being funneled into the black market.


Since widespread legalization began, the cannabis industry has become one of the most exciting and dynamic new investment opportunities. But as the number of cannabis producers grows and as the global market expands, innovative tech solutions that help cannabis producers stay compliant with regulations will only become more important.

Perhaps it is not surprising, then, that for some investors cannabis tech is proving to be just as fruitful and rewarding an investment as cannabis production.

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Is AI Replacing Human Intellect??

Is AI Replacing Human Intellect??

Is AI Really There Yet?

Hollywood Sci-Fi movies have been giving us a picture of the future of AI and robots. Smart intellect learns too fast and machines take over the world. Fascinated by the infinite possibilities of artificial intelligence actually being under the command of humans, and performs in a specific manner, we are exploring this new field with both amaze and caution alike.

Is AI Replacing Human Intellect??


Intelligence that is “Programmed” to Learn–but Not on its Own:

Artificial intelligence that currently uses Big Data extensively, to understand the thousands of variations in which a human intellect functions. We are currently in Stage 1 AI, which means the machine has specific instructions fed in, and it performs the tasks, or in other words, it may learn new things, but processes the new experience, as per the instructions fed in. Autonomous driving has different levels of driving. Currently, certain manufacturers are developing and testing technology to launch stage 4 Autonomous driving, which is a complete AI-based transportation system without any human intervention. Programming outcomes is still a nascent stage of artificial intelligence, and frankly, it’s not AI at all.


Business and AI

In the current stage, we can see AI-based content delivering apps like Netflix, which predicts user viewership, and then suggests shows in order to keep the user busy watching content. AI-based online store apps collect data based on user responses and buying behavior and thus keep suggesting similar products.  Businesses have identified the importance of automating and predicting consumer behavior for improving baseline profitability and increase the user base. Companies extend their RnD to develop applications that assist users with buying and selling online. Even small businesses, which tie-up with big retailers online, benefit from AI-based consumer behavior studies so that they can make changes in the buying process accordingly. Trading has traditionally been a human only space, with data processing dependency on technology.


But nowadays, modern-day software can predict the trend of the Market, and the currencies, and which direction would the market sway in the next coming week, and even a year in advance. This is especially beneficial for new users who are looking to invest money into trading. Cryptocurrencies, with its inherent secure transaction modes and decentralized trading, has lured in new millennial investors. There are many AI-based cryptocurrency trading algorithms available like Crypto genius. As per the Crypto Genius review, this trading software helps one and many from all sects of the society–novice or professional, to make money in trading. This AI-based trading software is fed in user-defined limits and options for the user to take control manually over trading if the person wishes to.


The Darkside of the AI Moon:

While dealing with trading, where there is money involved, Companies, however, have to realize as to where the line needs to be drawn with respect to gathering consumer data, and how to work with it, and how much control are you giving your algorithm-programmed software to trade on its own. There have to be periodic checks to see whether the predictions follow strict guidelines with respect to trading policies and rules, in order to protect consumer interest.



AI brings about infinite possibilities to stay ahead of times and gives the thrill to successfully predict the unknown. But we have to be careful when it comes to the amount of free will allowed for AI-based software, as it may learn more than it should. With steady rules and strictly defined boundaries, we can explore the vast sea of convenience that AI brings to our lives.

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4 Tested And Proven Tips To Make Your Blog More Popular

Make Your Blog More Popular

There are millions of blogs just like yours on the Internet. Many never see the light of day, but some attract millions of readers. The difference between the latter and the former is a good strategy. Popular blogs not only pick positions that stand out but also utilize all resources at their disposal to get to the top.

So, what sets a blog apart from the competition? Here are four tested and proven tips from top bloggers at Thesis Helpers.

Make Your Blog More Popular


  1. Come Up With Fresh Content

Everyone visits the Internet in search of answers. There are millions of people who are interested in what your blog has to say. There are also millions of blogs just like yours all looking for readers. Your blogs basically talk about the same thing, only in different words. So, how do you stand out?

The most outstanding blogs on the Internet are those that lead the new. You need fresh content that other bloggers are yet to get their hands on. Your readers should have something new and informative to look forward to every time. And, in addition to being fresh, your blog’s content should also be informative; don’t give your readers a reason to go looking for more answers elsewhere.


  1. Spruce Up Your Content

Just how vibrant is your blog? What is the first thing that readers see when they visit your blog? If it is nothing but plain text, you shouldn’t be surprised that no one wants to stay long.

Marketers always say that “content is king.” For a long time, this was taken to mean that your blog’s articles should meet the visitors’ needs. In this case, your blog posts should be informative and engaging. However, content comes in varying types, and Internet users are ditching written word for videos and images.

People prefer watching short videos compared to reading long articles; just like people prefer watching movies compared to reading novels. Images also help to catch visitors’ attention, and they can relay just as much information like articles and videos. Therefore, you will need to make your blog more vibrant and utilize more content.


  1. Engage More With Readers

Blogs are not like websites. Blogs are designed to bring people with similar interests together. Every good blog post should have a long thread of comments and discussions.

As the blog’s founder, you are the leader of your blog community. Your readers look up to you for answers and guidance. As such, you will need to get in on all discussions to nurture honest and close relationships with your readers. You should also consider setting up social media accounts for your blog; this way, your readers can connect and interact more easily.


  1. Adhere To SEO Guidelines

Google and all other search engines consider certain factors when ranking blogs. These factors include such aspects as web design, nature, type of content, links, organization, and much more. Google has a guideline on how to excel in these factors: Search Engine Optimization.

Websites featured at the top of search engine results are those that make the best use of SEO guidelines. Many bloggers have a good idea of SEO guidelines and are capable of implementing them. If, however, you are looking to shoot up the rankings, you should consider hiring a professional SEO company. This way, all aspects of your blog will be optimized, and Google will take note. Your blog will rank higher and become visible to more internet users who may click on your link.


There are millions of people interested in what your blog has to say. However, they will not take notice if you don’t make your blog exceptional. These tips will help get your blog off the ground and to the top of search engine results.

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5 Ways to Step up Your Customer Service

5 Ways to Step up Your Customer Service

No matter how good your product is, one of the things your customers are most likely to remember about your company is customer service. People enjoy buying from companies they have better direct communication with and stepping up your customer service makes a lot of sense. Being on a constant lookout for new opportunities to give your customer service a boost is a must if you don’t want your relationships to stagnate. But what exactly are the best ways to step up your customer service? Here are five of them you might want to take a closer look at.

5 Ways to Step up Your Customer Service


Improve your team’s skills

When offering customer support, the most important thing to do is to make sure your team has the skills it takes to manage your customers’ needs. No technology can make up for shortcomings in this area and doing everything you can to improve your customer service team’s skills is recommended. Communication skills, empathy, and patience are what every member of your team needs to possess, so think about sending them to a course that’ll allow them to improve in these areas. Also, have in mind that the more they know about your product, the more likely they’ll be to help customers with issues they might have.

Improve customer service team


Enhance your customer service strategy

The strategy your team employs when talking to customers can sometimes mean the difference between success and failure. If you want people to enjoy communicating with your business, it’s critical to keep looking for new strategies for you and your team. One of these that has proven to be quite effective is getting personal. Customers now want more than automated emails so try approaching them through social media or have someone actually write them a real email. Aside from getting personal, you can also try making your customers feel more valued by treating them as members of your community.


Ask them to write feedback

Collecting feedback is an important part of offering customer service. It’s a win-win situation and it seems like more businesses are starting to realize this. By asking for feedback, you get to show your customers just how valuable their opinion is to you. It also gives unsatisfied customers a chance to write about the issue they’ve had, which can actually help improve your customer retention. What’s equally important is that you get the information you can use to see where improvements are supposed to be made. Make sure you conduct a customer satisfaction survey after every sale and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

cusromers feedback


Go the extra mile

Your customers expect you to provide them a helping hand with any type of problem they might have. While doing this is a great way to ensure they stick around, going the extra mile is even better. Show them that you don’t want to just deal with the issue and never hear from them again. Have your customer service reach out to them after a while, just to check if everything’s fine. If you feel like your business made an error at some point, offering them discounts or freebies can be a wonderful idea. This allows customers to appreciate your business and form strong relationships with it.


Provide knowledge

Another thing your business can do when talking to your customers directly is to use every opportunity to provide them with knowledge. Customers don’t only want to use your product, they want to understand it as well. So, instead of just fixing the problem they have, look for ways to help them learn more about it. Luckily, in this day and age, creating eBooks and PDF tutorials shouldn’t be tough. Send these things to every customer that contacts your customer service team and chances of them having a positive experience with it will increase.

Customer service satisfied


The last thing you want to happen to your business is to start losing a customer due to poor customer service. Every business out there now looks to step up their customer service and failing to do the same can result in your company getting left behind. Start by following the five ways covered in this post and you should soon see your brand do better and cultivate strong customer relationships.

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5 Foods That Keep Erectile Dysfunction Away

5 Foods That Keep Erectile Dysfunction Away

Erectile dysfunction (ED), often referred to as impotence, is the inability to achieve and maintain a firm erection for proper sexual function. Besides environmental factors, ED is caused by several physical and psychological issues. This sexual problem is also associated with age – the older you get, the more likely you are to experience ED. Experiencing erection problems, however, should not be worrisome since it is a problem that you can address easily.

5 Foods That Keep Erectile Dysfunction Away

ED often lowers the life quality of sufferers if left unaddressed. This is because the affected person finds himself stressed about the issue, something that eventually affects his self-confidence. It is also one of the leading causes of relationship issues since it brings about sexual dissatisfaction. Before speaking to a doctor about treating your ED medically, there are some lifestyle changes that can help. Although ED might occur naturally, medical experts believe that what you eat could also impact your ability to achieve and maintain an erection. To prevent erectile dysfunction, therefore, you ought to watch what you consume.


Below are some of the 5 foods you should consider incorporating into your diet to keep ED away:


  • Pistachios because of their proteins

Proteins contain amino acid polymers like arginine, which is a reliable natural aphrodisiac. Eating pistachios regularly will not only enhance your sexual function but also improve your performance and allow you to develop a happy relationship. These green nuts are also sweet-tasting, so you won’t have a problem ingesting them daily for at least three weeks. As studies have proven, pistachio nuts help to keep the blood vessels relaxed, thus improving your ability to achieve and maintain an erection.


  • Dark chocolate because of its flavonoids

Dark chocolate contains cocoa, which is a recognized natural aphrodisiac due to the flavonoids in it. The product will keep you in a good mood for sex while keeping away problems affecting your erection. Be sure to go for dark chocolate as opposed to milk chocolate that comes with lots of sugars and high-calorie content that will only make the erection problems worse. According to studies, flavonoids will significantly reduce blood pressure while improving blood flow for healthy circulation and a firmer erection. Most ED medications are formulated with flavonoids because they trigger the body to release nitric oxide naturally, which contributes to better erections.


  • Zinc in oysters & shellfish

Oysters and shellfish have long been used as traditional aphrodisiacs due to the high mineral zinc content in them. Zinc has been scientifically proven to improve the production of testosterone, the male sex hormone. Medical experiments have been shown that low testosterone is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. As such, consuming foods that will stimulate the production of this hormone will go a long way in keeping away erection problems. The results are even more promising if you eat raw shellfish or oysters because they contain higher zinc content that will enhance vascular functions for improved blood flow.


  • Antioxidants of watermelon

Consider eating watermelons every day to enhance your sexual performance. This delicious fruit contains phytonutrients that promote effective weight loss to keep your cardiovascular functions optimal. These antioxidants work by keeping the blood vessels relaxed, thus providing similar sexual benefits to Viagra and other ED medications. Although it is often used for hydration since it has 92% water, the watermelon’s 8% nutrients are essential in improving libido.


  • Pink grapefruit because of its lycopene

Lycopene is an antioxidant found in pink grapefruits as well as tomatoes. Research studies have shown that lycopene is a promising antioxidant that is effective in eliminating problems of male infertility, as well as killing cells that cause prostate cancer. However, lycopene should ideally be blended with oily foods such as avocados, so making a salad will enhance its absorption rate. As a phytonutrient, it will significantly improve blood circulation, thus maintaining healthy blood flow and pressure for a firm and lasting erection.


When it comes to erection problems, improving cardiovascular functions to achieve a healthy heart and better blood circulation should be your priority. Despite the wide array of factors known to cause ED, watching what you eat will go a long way in improving your libido and sexual performance. Studies have shown that eating right will not only stimulate testosterone production for optimal sexual performance but also enhance the quality of your lifestyle.

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