The Importance of Stem Cell Research That Is Often Overlooked

The Importance of Stem Cell Research That Is Often Overlooked

What do you think of when you hear about stem cell technology? Do you remember Dolly, the sheep? For some, it all sounds a bit space-age. But stem cell technology isn’t a thing of the future. It’s already here. And we’ve just scratched the surface of what it can do.

The stem cell technology we see most often is used in bone marrow transplants. In this process, doctors use stem cells from a donor to regenerate healthy bone marrow in their patients.


Stem cells have drawn attention from the medical community for decades. Why? Well, many call them the “building blocks” of nature. These unique cells can transform into other, very specialized cells that make up a variety of organ tissues and other tissues in the body.

Now, you can probably see how these cells can be helpful in a variety of situations. Let’s explore the benefits of stem cells and research that is often overlooked.


About stem cells

There are two types of stem cells: embryonic and adult.

Stem cells from adults come from the brain, bone marrow, muscle, skin, blood, and liver tissue. These cells can change into other cell types, but their abilities are limited.


Embryonic stem cells don’t have quite the same limitations. In fact, they can develop into any of the 220 cell types you’ll find in the human body.

It’s also easier for scientists to grow stem cells that were taken from an embryo in the laboratory.

Because of their unlimited potential to morph into other cell types, researchers are looking into their use for treating many injuries and diseases, including spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and juvenile diabetes.


Where do stem cells come from?

Scientists first began studying the stem cells of mice in the 80s. And although this research paved the way for future studies, there were issues. Mouse embryos do not develop in the same way as human embryos. So in 1998, researchers found a way to harvest human embryos donated by fertility clinics.

There is some controversy around the process, though. There are two ways to extract stem cells from an embryo, but the embryo will not survive either process.


The SCNT process is a newer technology that’s showing a lot of promise. Scientists take the nucleus of a human egg cell and replace it with the nucleus of a donor’s adult cell. This cell contains the donor’s DNA. Then, researchers stimulate the egg to begin subdividing and it may eventually grow into an embryo with its own stem cells. This is beneficial because it contains the donor human’s own DNA and it does not harm a naturally created embryo, although this can be a gray area. This process is called cloning and it was first tested with a sheep you may have heard of. Her name was Dolly.

But the most significant benefit to the SCNT process is that the stems cells will be compatible with the donor’s immune system. So, the donor’s body is less likely to reject them.


And as time marches on, so do technological breakthroughs. In 2007, researchers at the University of Wisconsin teamed up with scientists in Tokyo to create stem cells from human skin that seem to act like embryonic cells. The process uses a DNA-containing virus to coax skin cells to revert to an embryonic state.

This new skin cell technology is a breakthrough, but it’s not quite ready for therapeutic use.


Benefits of stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy is relatively new, but many studies are being performed to test its potential. One thing is for certain. Here are two of the many benefits of stem cells in therapy:

  • Improved disability and brain lesions of people with MS – A Journal of Translational Medicine study found that it was safe and effective to treat MS patients with umbilical cord stem cells.
  • Improvements in Parkinson’s disease – Harvard researchers are exploring the potential for replacing neurons lost in Parkinson’s disease.


Many people overlook the research that’s being done on stem cells in favor of outdated ideas. Stem cell therapy has come a long way, and it’s important to stay abreast of changes as this therapy evolves.

As of now, there are many clinical trials underway to test the viability of using stem cells to treat various types of injuries and diseases that were previously thought to be incurable. But the road from the lab to the clinic is long and winding. It may be years before we see stem cells being used to treat or cure diseases like Parkinson’s and MS. Stay tuned.

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Four Ways to Use Cannabis Other Than Smoking

Four Ways to Use Cannabis Other Than Smoking

When someone says cannabis or recreational marijuana, smoking is usually the first method of ingestion that comes to mind. Smoking may be the most popular use of cannabis but there are actually several other ways to use this newly-legal product.



Oils are essentially cannabis at an extremely concentrated level. They’re taken orally and depending on which kind of concentrated oil you take, some can cause you to become high. Using dried marijuana flowers, two different kinds of oils are extracted — THC and CBD. THC is the main psychoactive compound in marijuana, which makes you “feel high,” whereas CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that doesn’t produce the “high” that THC does. Cannabis oils are the most potent form of medical cannabis currently available and come in a small, glass vials, capsules, or plastic applicators. They can be either consumed directly on your tongue or mixed in food and drink.



Cannabis topicals are non-psychoactive and are a versatile way to take advantage of the benefits from cannabinoids. Coming in lotions, patches, creams, sprays, lubricants, and balms, topicals are absorbed through your skin for localized relief. They can also enhance sexual pleasure, treat skin irritations, alleviate psoriasis, heal burns and bacterial infections, keep skin youthful, and reduce inflammation and arthritis.



Edibles have come a long way from the days of cannabis-infused cookies or brownies. Edibles are a popular way to consume cannabis, coming in many shapes and forms such as gummy candies, baked goods, and even in chocolate. Edibles should be consumed responsibly and in moderation, as it can be difficult to figure out a satisfactory dose. Since cannabis can be added to virtually any food through butter or oil, you can really get creative with what you cook and bake.


The legalization of cannabis is still in its infancy and because of this, government-regulated edibles will not become legalized and sold until next year. Nevertheless, in Canada, people can make edibles for personal use. Just ask about the details of your cannabis product from dispensaries such as Starbuds so that you know how much THC or CBD will be going into homemade edibles. How much information does your dispensary give you? If you want to learn more about both recreational and medical cannabis available from licensed dispensaries, check out Starbuds for further information.



In the last couple of years, using a vaporizer has become one of the most popular methods of using both recreational and medicinal marijuana. Though similar to smoking marijuana, vaporizers use heat to extract the active ingredients, and the user experience is quite different. The cannabis heats up at a far lower temperature, tastes different, and is easier to inhale than smoke. The only real downside to using a vaporizer is that the cost to purchase one is rather steep.


Cannabis consumption has evolved quite a bit over time and with the legalization of marijuana in October, it’s safe to assume we’re only going to see more discoveries and innovations.

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How to Ace All Academic Writing Tasks

How to Ace All Academic Writing Tasks

Grades and academic performance have been the two most important parameters for measuring the students’ success. Parents judge their children through these factors and take all the further steps based on them. So, they consider that studying hard can only get them high marks and they underrate doing smart work. In today’s tech-oriented and fast-paced world, the students need to develop such skills which help them to get transferred from the classroom to the boardroom.


What is the factor for assessments at University?

It is not only the ways and the knowledge the students have, but the students are assessed as per their methods of developing and communicating the ideas. Moreover, the ways in which they apply the theories of problem-solving.


The main problem which the students face

The common quandary which the students’ go through is the word count, and how the work is to be cited while doing the academic writing tasks. But this is the point where the real problem arises. Rather than raising this question in their mind, they should think about the number of arguments to be made. In addition to this, the evidence is to be made to support the arguments proposed to gear towards the academic needs of the discipline.

If you are a beginner in any of the degree programs, then you need to hold this set of information to ace every academic writing task. This article includes some strategies which the students can practice to better the competition with the other students.


  1. Build a ‘study junction’

It is one of the pivotal tools for the development of good writing skills. It lets you focus on your work, and you sit with a study mindset. Setting up a place to write and having all the required software make writing the document accessible.


  1. Use technology

Nothing to worry when you can use online resources. Sometimes it happens that the students are a topper in the educational activities, but they struggle in properly presenting their words in a formal paper. So, in order to score well, you can also take a look at the guides available with homework helper.


  1. Edit and Proofread your content

Improving and refining the written content is a step which most of the students miss at attempting. Analysis of the work is a significant part to be covered and then making it a strong piece of writing can be accomplished with the help of the Online Essay Editor. It is to analyze your work for long sentences, grammar, spelling, an abundance of the sentence and other issues.


  1. Write for the reader

Never forget your audience. For instance, you are asked to write a college essay and submit it within a specified deadline, then you neither need to mention any definitions nor explain certain points.  Rather you need to write your own viewpoint and your perspective on the topic. Reason for writing must be the audience.


  1. Reading and writing take you higher

Read and write as much as possible. As you begin writing content regularly, you get to develop confidence, improve the quality of the results. Other advantages of writing and reading are the awareness of the structure and the style of the academic papers.


  1. Bring variance in the content

Most of the times the academic papers are lengthy, but you need to show some variance. For that, you should break up your texts and avoid monotony using different length and structure of the sentences. You can visit online resources for samples of renowned authors. You will also comprehend how they make all the paragraphs different and use different kinds of expressions.


Use these strategies to become a successful student and to rock your world.

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ASEA and Advancing Life Strive to Break the Poverty Cycle

ASEA and Advancing Life Strive to Break the Poverty Cycle

There are many wonderful charities whose missions around the world strive to alleviate the suffering of people in poverty or experiencing abuse. At ASEA, we believe our charitable efforts are stronger when we work together. Hence, our Advancing Life Foundation joins forces with other groups all across the globe to bring relief to needy children and families.


Since its founding in 2015, we’ve been able to help countless causes in both third and first world countries. Our projects have tackled challenges, changed lives, and brought love to people stretching from Ecuador to Grapevine, Texas. Our efforts range from small projects like hygiene kits to life-altering initiatives like constructing water cisterns.


Why Was Advancing Life Founded?

ASEA incorporates core values into our everyday work environment. One of our values is humanity, meaning we strive to build relationships and improve the lives of people around us. We started the Advancing Life Foundation with this core value in mind.


By starting a charity, our employees are able to have an impact on the world and the local community. With our core value of humanity as our guide, we seek opportunities to serve by setting aside specific days for community projects. On these days, we get outside the office and join together to improve the world around us. Working together as a group creates unity and goodwill among all who come in contact with ASEA.


Advancing Life’s Mission

Our mission is to bring joy to those who suffer and feel alone in the world. Whether someone has experienced a catastrophe, abuse, or any other pain, we want them to know that someone cares about them and is willing to take time out of there day to give aid. We hope to bring joy to anyone experiencing hardship.


Who is Advancing Life Helping?

Advancing Life Foundation finds partners all over the world to make an impact in the lives of those in need. We work with organizations in third world countries to bring clean water, infrastructure, and education to impoverished communities. We also find partners in other areas of the world who focus on bringing relief to children and families in need.


Advancing Life’s Initiatives

One recent initiative includes a mission to Ecuador to strengthen economic opportunities in a region where 87 percent of the population lives at or below the poverty line. Advancing Life has joined forces with Choice Humanitarian to build a vocational training center to support more than 1500 families in their goal to learn a trade to support themselves. The center teaches trades such as masonry, cooking, carpentry, and more to bring opportunity to impoverished families.


Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) is another initiative that helps to put an end to child sex trafficking around the world. We fund new tools for law enforcement to be able to more quickly capture and prosecute sex traffickers. As one of the quickest growing areas of international organized crime, sex trafficking is in need of urgent attention. We’re doing all we can to fund the fight, helping initiate dozens of successful rescue missions and arrest more than 300 traffickers.


How Can You Get Involved?

There are many ways to get involved with ASEA’s Advancing Life Foundation. One of the best ways is to donate. As a charitable organization, 100 percent of donations go to supporting our various field projects (ASEA funds operational expenses of the foundation). We currently have a goal of raising $500,000 to fund our projects around the world. Donate here today.


In addition to monetary donations, we’re always looking for supplies to add to our hygiene and baby kits. These kits go to families in a state of emergency or who have had disasters in their area. Simple supplies like blankets, toothbrushes, and shampoo can make a huge difference in the lives of these people who have been through so much.


2019 Expeditions

You can also get involved with our foundation by joining one of our trips in partnership with CHOICE Humanitarian. We take our volunteers all over the world to implement vital infrastructure in third world countries. Our expeditions for 2019 are already taking volunteers, so if you’re interested in joining one of Advancing Life’s expeditions to Ecuador, you can sign up today.


ASEA Global

ASEA is a direct sales company producing revolutionary products to optimize health. From the beginning, ASEA has strived to optimize cellular function by supplementing the body’s redox signaling molecules. With the help of some of the world’s best researchers and scientists, we’ve made incredible breakthroughs in the health industry and changed lives with our direct sales opportunity. The company now has expanded to 25 countries and is one of the top 100 direct sales companies in the world.

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Talking Toner: Which Cartridges Do You Need?

Talking Toner: Which Cartridges Do You Need?

Selecting the right toner for your printer can often be quite confusing, and with plenty of options on the market how are you supposed to know which cartridge you actually need? Overall, this is likely to depend on the brand or type of printer you have, but there are still a variety of different cartridges left to choose from. As such, this blog should help you to understand which toner cartridge is most suitable for you.


Printer Type

The type of toner cartridges you need is largely based on the type of printer you have, as different models will employ different toner cartridges. Not only that, but it’s advised that you should always buy a cartridge that’s natively compatible with your printed version. For example, if you have an HP LaserJet printer, then you’ll need an HP toner cartridge – pretty straightforward, right? However, there are a few different types of the cartridge that may fit your printer, but may not be the most appropriate choice. As such, you should search for a toner cartridge that suits the specific model that you have to ensure the best possible quality. Moreover, check the manufacturer information on your printer and make a note of the model number, before selecting the compatible cartridge.


Toner Cartridge Model

Toner Cartridge Model
When your toner runs out, one of the easiest ways to determine which toner cartridge you need is to simply remove the empty one from your printer and look for a sticker that contains the details. The correct model number should be shown on the cartridge itself, but if it’s not present then see whether there is an ink cartridge card that came with the printer. Some printer models – including HP – will provide a handy wallet-sized card that contains all of your printer’s ink cartridge model numbers so you always have a reference point when it comes to buying replacement cartridges.


Check the Manual/Manufacturer’s Website

If you’re still unable to determine what model you need then you should check the instruction manual that you will have received alongside your printer, as this will include information about what toner cartridges are compatible with your printer. If you do not have the instruction manual, then you should try to look on the manufacturer’s website as there will be plenty of information to help you understand which cartridge you need. For example, if you own an HP printer, then you can visit their customer support/knowledge base which will outline the compatible cartridge for a range of different models.



In short, when it comes to replacing your toner, there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all solution and it really does depend on the printer model you have. If you’re struggling to identify which toner cartridge you need, then there are a few different ways that you can find out. Firstly, check for any information shown on your printer, but if your printer doesn’t display this then simply remove your empty cartridge and look for a display label. If all else fails, you should consult the instruction manual or the manufacturer’s website as it’s more than likely you’ll find what you need.

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