How To Sell Hand Crafts At Craft Fairs

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It’s been a tradition for me, my mom, and my grandmother for years. Ever since my grandparents moved from Wisconsin to Arkansas, it’s has become an annual pilgrimage. We make the 7 hour drive to their house where Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is filled with activity.

Every October in Bentonville, Arkansas, the whole town – neigh the whole area – turns into a huge craft fair. There are so many craft shows, you literally have to sit down and make a schedule in order to see the ones that you really want to see. Otherwise, you’ll get sidetracked and end up at a non-eventful show when everyone tells you the other one across town is the place to be.

We plan well in advance not only where to go, but what we will wear, where we will eat, and what specifically we are looking for. Every year, my Grandma has one thing she is relentless at finding – one year it was a quilt, one year it was a fall vest, another year it was a purse.
I’ve looked forward to these shows each year because not only is it a way for me to spend some quality time with my family, it’s also fun to find new crafted items and show them off once I get back home.

Here is a recap of the guide schedule:

Sell At Craft Fairs

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