Favorite PS2 Games on PC and Smartphone


PlayStation 2 was probably the most favorite console in the late 90s and early 2000s. Every child was dreaming about getting one on Christmas or Birthday. And those children who had it could spend hours and hours just playing favorite PlayStation games with their family and friends. Those extremely popular games were Metal Slug X, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, Grand Theft Auto 2, and Tekken 3. In fact, even today a lot of people dream of coming back to those wonderful years when the whole family was competing in Mortal Kombat 4 and Digimon World. With modern technologies, your dreams may come true.


To play a PlayStation 2 in 2018 is not a problem. Having new technologies we can download a ps2 emulator and the games directly to our computers or even smartphones. We don’t need a console to play them. If you have never heard of emulators and ROMs, which you can download online instead of buying a console, out article will help you with this. We will teach you how to install ps2 emulator download files on your PC and run those old-school games on it.

Favorite PS2 Games on PC and Smartphone

So, let’s get started.


How to Play PS2 Games on Your Computer

To run ps2 games on modern devices, you need to have two components – PlayStation emulator and ps2 roms download files, which are the games themselves. You can always find those two elements online absolutely for free. So, just go online and download them depending on the system you have. For example, for Windows users, we recommend NeutrinoSX 2 and PCSX2 emulators.


When it comes to the games, make sure you download those which are suitable for the emulator you’ve chosen. You can download whatever number of games you want. It depends on how much space you have on your PC to store all of them. Don’t know which of the games are the most interesting? Choose something among:

  • Mortal Kombat 4;
  • Megaman X4;
  • Grand Theft Auto 2;
  • Batman & Robin;
  • Bowling;
  • Fantastic Four;
  • James Bond 007, etc.

Play Station Games

Since you have all of those files downloaded to your device, run a setup. Pick the place where you want to store all of your ps2 files and create a separate folder for them. This will make the future gaming experience a lot easier as it is very uncomfortable when you try to find the game you want to play at the moment in every folder on your PC. It is better when you know exactly where it is because you will run the game directly from the emulator window. Double click on the program and the emulator will open. During the game, you can change the view of the emulator window accordingly to your own preferences. You can make it bigger, wider, smaller, etc. Check a toolbar on the top of the window to change other configurations you are not satisfied with.


So, now you know how to bring that outdated console to your modern device.

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What Is Mindful Meditation?

Ten million people in America practice mindful meditation. That’s quite a lot. Mindful meditation has become popular as more and more people enjoy living a better, less stressful, more productive life.

Mindful meditation is actually very simple, yet it comes with great benefits

Why are these people turning to meditation to improve their daily lives? The easy answer is, meditation works. The more complex answer is that today, we are suffering from information overload and stress more than previous generations. Some meditators want to reduce stress and enjoy greater peace. Others seek more awareness to create a more purposeful life. Still others want to gain greater awareness and align their thoughts with their actions. Mindful meditation is useful for all of these purposes. What is true for everyone, however, is that the more you know about your thinking, the more you are in control of your life.


Whatever the reason, mindful meditation can be a powerful force. Like music, life has many layers, and mindful meditation can help you become aware of all the nuances.

Mindful meditation isn’t magic. It allows you to concentrate your awareness on the here and now. All too frequently, our attention can scatter into the past or the future. We become distracted and unable to focus on what is important in the present.

Mindful meditation gives us power to focus on the here and now. It increases our mental energy, allowing us to perform better and achieve more. Quite simply, mindful meditation makes us more efficient in many areas of our lives.


More importantly, it puts us in control. The mind is an extremely complex labyrinth, where the subconscious can rule and throw roadblocks in our path. There are times we behave in certain ways without being consciously aware of why. Mindful meditation increases our awareness and opens our minds to more answers. Our senses are heightened as we enjoy the present more fully. Everyday activities, from what we eat, how we enjoy art and listen to music, and how we respond to friends and family become more vivid as mental walls crumble.


Mindful meditation relaxes us. With awareness, stress and unpleasant thoughts become less threatening and easier to handle.

We become more relaxed and are able to let more joy and peace into our lives.


Today, we live in a state of impermanence more than ever before in history. More than a hundred years ago, most people spent their lives in the town in which they were born. They knew all their neighbors. Their station in life determined their job. It may not sound ideal to us, but it certainly wasn’t stressful. These days, we live very fragmented lives. We may move regularly and barely know our neighbors. We switch jobs and friends on a regular basis.

Constant change has become the one permanence on which we can rely. There’s no denying that modern knowledge and conveniences have brought us untold advantages. However, at the same time, we have lost our connection to others and our surroundings. Mindful meditation brings back that important lost connection to what is happening inside of us and around us. It’s not an antidote to the problems of living in the 21st century, but it can provide the skills to help us cope with many of its problems.


You don’t have to be a yogi to reap the benefits of mindful meditation. The more you practice, the better you will become. It’s like exercise for the mind. You know what daily exercise does for your body. It strengthens and firms those muscles.

In much the same way, daily mindful meditation strengthens your mind and hones your thinking process. It’s both simple and complex, and at all times, it’s a choice. Hopefully, this book will help you make the right one for you. Consistency is the key to successful practice. Even a short meditation period every day is more effective than sporadic longer meditations.


Like physical exercise, mindful meditation is a process. Success doesn’t happen overnight. But it will happen. When you begin your meditation journey, you may find it difficult to sit quietly for 15 or 20 minutes at a time. You may start making excuses why it’s okay to skip meditation for just one day.

This will make it harder to resume meditating the following day, and you’ll easily find an excuse why you shouldn’t. You’re too tired, too busy, too frustrated … any excuse will do. That’s why making a commitment to regular meditation is necessary. Ask yourself what motivated you in the first place. Make a pact with yourself that you will get up half an hour earlier in the morning to meditate. With a firm commitment, you will gain momentum and see the results.


Mindful meditation is unrivalled in its ability to open your mind. If you are new at mindful meditation, it is helpful that you ask yourself what has motivated you to start meditating at this time. There is, however, no right or wrong reason.

Mindful meditation is actually very simple, yet it comes with great benefits.


The Origin Of Mindful Meditation

It’s a Western practice with roots in thousands of years of Buddhism, where it’s referred to as “Insight Meditation.” As that name suggests, it is meant to develop our mental skills and become more aware. However, mindful meditation is not associated with any specific ideology.

Mindfulness is a skill we all possess, but not all of us develop and cultivate it fully. The unique thing about mindful meditation is that it allows us to take an active part in our thinking process instead of remaining passive. It’s more than being aware of the world around us; it specifically refers to that exciting and sometimes mysterious world inside of us. Mindfulness increases our awareness of ourselves and how we think. It’s an effective way of knowing ourselves better.

Mindful meditation is always purposeful and non-judgmental. We calmly accept and acknowledge what is. Instead of moving through the day on autopilot, mindful meditation allows us to be more present and gain more control over our thoughts and activities. This invariable enriches our lives beyond measure.

Mindfulness To Tackle Daily Challenges

When we practice mindful meditation consistently, we gain an inner calm that will help us deal with life’s many challenges. How often have we become so stressed that we have consciously avoided thinking about our problems, which then only worsen as we become more stressed? Sometime, it may feel easier not to think at all. But in the long run, reality will take over.

Non-judgmental awareness allows us to remove ourselves mentally from the mental tsunami and remain calm in times of adversity. We become more connected to our experiences in a healthy, nonthreatening way.

On a basic human level, it’s natural for us to push aside unpleasant thoughts by distracting ourselves from what is really important. Addictions to alcohol, drugs and social media are just some of the ways we avoid dealing with the present.

This obviously is not helpful and merely generates greater anxiety and stress. Daily mindful meditation keeps us focused on the present and helps us deal with problems rather than avoiding them. Fortunately, becoming more aware is a skill that can be learned. Like playing a musical instrument or a sport, the more we practice, the better we become at it.


The Positive Impact Of Mindful Meditation Mindful meditation has moved from the mystical to mainstream. Many studies have confirmed the benefits of regular mindful meditation.

1. Less stress-related illnesses
2. Better sleeping habits
3. Lower blood pressure
4. Better immune system
5. More energy
6. Better pain management
7. Better decision-making ability
8. Greater resilience when faced with adversity

The reason mindful meditation has proven so powerful is that the body and mind are intricately connected. When our emotional state suffers, so does our body. This is especially relevant to stress, which can cause many physical problems. As a result, mindful meditation not only improves our mental health, but our physical health, as well.

In the past, doctors have concentrated on prescribing medication for anxiety and stress-related symptoms. However, following a myriad of studies in recent years, doctors are now recognizing the value of mindfulness and recommending mindful meditation as a treatment instead of prescribing pharmaceutical drugs.


A study at John Hopkins University showed that 20 percent of 3,500 patients using mindful meditation showed improvement in symptoms of depression as opposed to the placebo group. These numbers are the same for patients using anti-depressants. That means meditation has the same effect on our brain as medication. Interestingly, these patients only meditated two and a half hours each week. That’s how powerful mindful meditation can be. The study concluded that if patients were to spend even more time meditating, they would see even better results.


Neuroscience has revealed that people who meditate regularly show an increase in gray matter in brain regions that regulate emotions and learning. Similar studies have found that areas of the brain that process fear decrease in size. Science is providing a connection between meditating and brain waves, and studies are continuing.

Another study showed that three months of regular meditation affected enzyme activity that control how we age. This important finding could link meditation to a slowing of the aging process.

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How To Check Whether An Online Casino Is Reliable


Taking into consideration that online gambling has been increasingly popular lately, and more and more people share this kind of entertainment, the number of online casinos grows every month. Some of them have a better choice of games, others boast a convenient and user-friendly design, others still have a lot of different deposit and payment methods. However, all these casinos can be roughly divided into three groups: reliable and respectable, comparatively reliable, and suspicious. In order to avoid any trouble, the user should clearly distinguish between the three groups.

How To Check Whether An Online Casino Is Reliable

it should be noted that the best way to check whether a casino is reputable and reliable is to visit its website, double-check the licences, and read Terms and Conditions very attentively. Obviously, there are numerous websites that review the online casinos, provide their ratings, etc. However, one should keep in mind that, firstly, such websites can get money from casinos for their reviews (not all, but some of them really do), and, secondly, some websites may just miss some new information that is already available on the casino’s website, because these reviews are surely not updated every day. So check the website first, since top best online casinos from the list https://affgambler.com/casino-rating/ always willingly put all their cards on the table, to demonstrate their reputation and reliability to the user.


What To Look For On The Website?

Besides reading Terms and Conditions, check the homepage of the online gaming house. They usually have licenses and allowances indicated there. You are interested in the following issues:

  • license
  • authorities that check the randomness of gaming in the casino
  • security encryption
  • software provider
  • payment methods

The best and most reliable licenses are granted by Malta and UK gaming authorities; other licences, if available, are also OK, but the point is that Malta and UK grant their license, while other authorities sell their licence.

The next thing you want to know is what authority check the casino’s honest play, if there is any authority indicated. The point is that all casino games should provide random results for all bets, otherwise it means that the casino programmes their games to increase its income and decrease the users’ winnings. If the casino gets regular checks on that aspect, it is probably reliable. If you are still not sure, try to look for checking protocols on this casino in the web. Some online gaming houses even publish those.

online gaming

The next aspect that should be checked in data security. Most casinos take this seriously, because third parties may steal users’ data and the casino will also have troubles after that. The basic protection usually provided is SSL Encryption that encodes all data processed by the website. The same idea about the software provider – the more well-known and reliable the provider is (like Microgaming or NetEnt), the less chances its games will lag and prevent the user from getting positive experience.

The last but not the least is the number of payment methods available. If there are many methods, it means that the casino collaborates with different payment systems successfully, and may be rather reliable.

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5 Tips That Will Save You Money When Buying Home Appliances


Usually, people need to buy new home appliances when an old one breaks, and they can no longer fix them. This unplanned need usually means that we must find ways to purchase those appliances without having a special fund for them. However, even if we saved money to purchase a new home appliance, we want to make the best of it, for the right price.

Many customers look for solutions to save on their next purchase. However, saving requires research which comes in handy when finding the right product. The below guide will show you how to purchase home appliances at the smallest available price.

Buying Home Appliances

Purchase from Outlets

When it comes to shopping for home appliances, quality matters. Buying a product with helpful reviews saves you future money that other products require for maintenance. Look for the best products and see the top brands of home appliances. Websites like Best10anything can be a useful resource when you are struggling to find the most efficient appliances available.

Then, find the outlets sections or stores that also sell last year’s models. Outlet stores have models that are no longer in production but include the features buyers most look for. The best time for purchasing outlet items is September – October, before the arrival of new products.

Dents Lower the Price

Some customers return products after they notice tiny dents or scratches. Of course, these are unaesthetic. However, they don’t interfere with how the product works. Some scratches might bring substantial savings, without being noticeable.

Stores usually discount products with dents with 30 – 60% of their regular price. Yet, this doesn’t always depend on the side of the dents. Some even discount them for a side dent that your furniture covers.

Rebates Might be Available

The state sometimes offers rebates or credit for certain products or systems. The Energy Saver platform also offers a thorough guide on energy saving. These might be useful for specific products, such as heat pumps, cooling products, wind electric systems which expired by the end of 2016.

The platform also includes an energy consumption estimate which might be helpful when purchasing a new product. It also clears terms from the product labels, such as the energy star or Wattage.

Small Stores are More Accessible

The owners of local appliance stores are usually families or small-sized companies which aim to have costs which are than the ones of large stores. Also, small stores might receive discounts to include specific old products in their offer.

Local stores however also have an inconvenient: they’re small. Clients may not find what they need in the first store. So, finding the right product might take time. However, it also saves money.

stores offer sales

Look for Sales

There are a few ways buyers can benefit from sales. The first and most convenient one is online comparison. There are plenty of websites or online stores with comparable prices. Research through these sites might also reveal customer reviews with fresh information on a product.

Also, many stores offer sales in the weekends before major holidays, such as July 4th, Presidents Day, Labor Day and Memorial Day. These are the best times for sales, even in shops from malls. Moreover, once you reach the cashier, you might notice that your credit card has useful discount points.

Bonus Tips for Cheap Purchases

  • Buy only what you need. The consumption of home appliances is growing worldwide, as new products or features constantly appear. Analyze if you really need a product before deciding to buy it.
  • Choose multifunctional appliances. Multifunctional products might save you future budget for a different product. Also, it might perform different tasks with a smaller energy consumption.
  • Negotiate the delivery service. There are stores which allow negotiation for product delivery. By negotiating this service, one saves an extra budget spent on the same home appliance. Furthermore, you can save even more if you can transport the item to your home and install it.
  • Notice refurbished products. These are usually returned after a slight usage and benefit from the same warranty as new products.
  • Look for trade-in deals. If your old home appliance is still functional, you might obtain an additional discount when trading it in for a new one.

Ending Considerations

There are plenty of resources for those who aim to purchase a new home appliance but are on a budget. One can research and save money before, during or even after buying the items. When it comes to home appliances, their essential attributes are functionality and quality.

Purchasing such a product requires an investment that needs to show results on the long run. You must use them monthly, weekly or even daily for several years. Therefore, the budget does not need to influence the quality of the product, but the methods you choose for buying them.

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Five Ways to Live a Socially Conscious Lifestyle


More and more people are appreciating what it means to live a socially conscious lifestyle. This simple yet rewarding way of life enables people to be more positive in the way they interact with others and leave a legacy in the world.

Five Ways to Live a Socially Conscious Lifestyle

Being socially conscious encourages people to see beyond their personal interests and find ways to help others. The great thing about social consciousness is that anyone can develop it. The following are five practical ways to live a socially conscious lifestyle.


Communicate with Kindness

The internet and social media have made it very easy for anyone to communicate and share their thoughts in a global platform. This makes it increasingly important for people to be more sensitive in the way they express themselves online and in real life. To be socially conscious means being aware of the plight of others, and this awareness should elicit compassion.


Whether it’s a five-hundred-word blog post or a much-shorter Facebook status, one needs to pause for a few minutes and ask whether they are being socially conscious in the way they are using communication platforms.


Be Informed

Keeping up-to-date with current events is an important first step if one wants to be socially conscious. When people read the news or learn about the alarming problems that other countries face, they are challenged to see beyond their selfish needs. It prevents people from feeling isolated from the bigger issues plaguing humanity.


Being informed also gives people perspective and lets them be more grateful about the simple things, like having clean drinking water or a safe shelter, which other people in less privileged parts of the world may not have.


Engage with Others

Giving undivided attention is a simple yet very effective way to get to know the struggles of other people. Ian Maclaren once said “Be pitiful, for every man is fighting a hard battle.” Empathy requires practice, and one of the easiest ways to practice being empathetic is by genuinely engaging with others. Social isolation is not healthy for anyone, and it is not conducive for a socially conscious lifestyle.


By listening without judgment to the problems of their loved ones, people become more compassionate because they can see what that other person is going through. Actively engaging with others also fosters meaningful connections, and it opens healthy communication.


Help Out in the Community

Many studies have documented the rewards of volunteering. Whether it is in a local shelter or in an international charity foundation, volunteering is a rare opportunity to see and address the needs of other people around the world. It also helps foster and strengthen relationships in the community.


Fortunately, internet technology has made it easier to mobilize community work and involve anyone around the world in a good cause. Now anyone can host a fund-raising campaign through social media or sell clothes online and use the proceeds to support an advocacy.


Build a Positive Social Circle

People who associate with toxic and self-centered friends will find it very difficult to cultivate a socially conscious way of life. Social consciousness is a mind-set, and it is not always easy to practice this outlook especially in a world that encourages self-obsession and selfish pursuits. This is why it is important to have a supportive group of friends who share the same positive values.


At the End of It All . . .

It takes all sorts to make the world. People have different values and belief systems, which is why it is all the more essential to be conscious of one’s own actions, speech, and thoughts. Exercise being self-critical and introspective, and always bear in mind that you share this planet with billions of other people. What you do and what you say may have an impact on those around you.

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