The Functionality of WordPress

Functionality of WordPress

When any of my blog readers ask about setting up their own sites I always recommend that they use WordPress to accomplish this. WordPress is perfect for beginners and yet it is complex enough for advanced developers to customize to their hearts content.

The main reasons I always suggest WordPress is as follows:

1. Very easy to setup

2. Has a short learning curve

3. Great for customizing

4. Comes with some basic, but great looking themes for free For anyone that is brand new to building a website WordPress does not require any fancy knowledge. The older method of creating an HTML website entailed taking a course and learning a ton of code. Not for everyone. Of course if you love playing with code you can still customize WordPress as much as you want.

The actual interface of WordPress is another reason why I recommend it. It is user friendly and easy to navigate. Once you have installed WordPress on your site you enter your site directly from your admin log in. This immediately gives you access to your WordPress site. No logging in to your hosting company and then navigating to your site from there. WordPress is quick and simple to access.

Once inside your WordPress site your dashboard provides you with lots of features. This includes creating a post, creating pages, making a static front page – one that doesn’t change and editing tools. These editing tools allow you to add images, videos, make fancy text and hyperlink to other pages or products on your site.

WordPress incorporates something called Plug-ins. These are tools that add functionality to your site. For example if you wanted to add a shopping cart, you would use the Woo-Commerce plug-in. You basically search for plug-ins from within your site, then click to install and activate the plug-in.

If you want to track traffic and visitors to your site, simply use the Google Analytics plug-in. There is just about a plug-in for every type of situation you can think of.

WordPress themes are wonderful and you have thousands from which to choose from. You can find business themes, magazine and newspaper themes and even specific ones such as wedding or car themes. You really don’t have to worry about hiring someone to customize your theme for you. Even large corporations are using WordPress themes for their business.

WordPress provides you with the ability to play videos, podcasts and webinars all from your site. You can install a Slider that allows you to display different photos and images.

If you are looking for a simple or a complex niche specific theme it is now possible to do so from within WordPress.


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