5 Reasons Your Brand Needs a YouTube Page


With over one billion users viewing YouTube, brands need to have a YouTube channel to showcase their products, services, business, or company. YouTube is a powerful social media platform and consumers today are increasingly turning to this platform to find information, share news, and to watch how-to content. Your brand should be using this vital digital marketing tool to create brand awareness which untimely can help to generate sales.


Showcase Your Service, Product, or Business

5 Reasons Your Brand Needs a YouTube Page

If you are selling a product or service and wish to demonstrate how it can benefit the consumer, using video makes a far stronger impact than just reading about it. By using visual media as a demonstration or instructional tool, people can easily see the benefit. Visual presentations can create excitement, and when your customer is excited, they are more likely to make a purchasing decision.

YouTube is a powerful platform for showcasing your brand’s identity. More and more, consumers are not interested in reading about a product or service, they want to see how it will help them. Visual engagement is a dynamic medium for potential buyers to connect with your brand.  Because YouTube has a mobile app, consumers can watch and purchase anytime and anywhere, potentially increasing sales.


Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

When consumers are researching a brand, product, or service, they tend to go to Google as their search engine. In 2006, Google purchased YouTube. When you upload a YouTube video, Google’s search engine will rank it higher than other video content platforms.

When you use good SEO keyword strategies and create consistent quality content that the consumer is excited about, they will be more likely to head over to your website and make a purchase. With higher search engine rankings, your channel will stand out from the competition and it will be easier for people to find your brand.


Build Brand Credibility

A video is a great way to showcase the personality of your brand. People develop a stronger connection with a brand that is unique. Storytelling and adding a touch of humor to your video can create an emotional attachment for your customers. This helps to build trust and confidence that they are purchasing from a company that feels real to them.


Passive Marketing for Independent Business Owners

If you are an independent business owner, YouTube should be a vital part of your marketing campaign. This social media platform is ideal for selling products or services and it can be a powerful way to get people to sign up for a service, to join a franchise, or to join a company where you can become an independent business owner selling their products.

Amway brilliantly uses YouTube to show how to start a business selling their products. They use video for customer testimonials and stories, to show how people can become successful entrepreneurs with Amway, and for online coaching.

As a business owner, you can use YouTube to demonstrate your product or service. You can also use it for passive marketing by sharing news about your business and industry, providing handy tips, and sharing relevant topics related to your business. Have fun using YouTube as a marketing tool.


Increase Sales

Most consumers who watch YouTube videos are seeking a solution. Provide one for them! And get to the point. Most people have short attention spans. If you ramble on and on without providing that solution, you may lose your viewer.

For example, if someone is looking for ideas about how to lose ten pounds, and you are a registered dietitian with an online business, provide a video that demonstrates cooking nutritious food. Once they see the video and have a solution to their issue, they may then wish to contact you for your services. Always have a call to action (CTA) as part of your video. Have them subscribe to your channel, invite them to join an email list, or ask if they want to be notified when there is a new video. Invite them to visit your website and create a CTA to make a purchase.


YouTube is a social media platform that is here to stay, and it is highly advisable for brands to create their unique channel today. Share your brand’s story, engage with your audience, and have fun!

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Money Saving Hack for Online Shopping


Here’s a way to save serious cash online: use a VPN. This trick works because most companies charge different rates based on your location and using a VPN can cloak your location. Airline and car rental companies are infamous for this type of dynamic pricing. It’s easy to bypass location and web tracking services and save hundreds of dollars.

Save Money with a VPN

First of all, what is a VPN?


A VPN is a virtual private network that lets you browse the web through a private connection. The software hides your data from the internet by encrypting it. There are many VPN softwares to choose from, including highly rated provides such as ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, or NordVPN. Once you download your VPN, you can choose a server location and begin browsing the web. The sites you visit will see your traffic as coming from the VPN’s server location, not your actual physical location, which allows you to bypass dynamic pricing and save money on certain online purchases.


To demonstrate, TheBestVPN created a guide to saving money with a VPN. They found that by choosing a VPN server in Poland rather than the United States you can save $1,121.29 on international airfare. You can also nab a subscription to Apple Music for $1.75/month by purchasing through a VPN server in India, rather than $13.33/month in the UK.


Next time you need to make a major or recurring purchase, try using a VPN. You can compare costs in different countries by disconnecting your VPN and reconnecting in a new location. Check out the full amounts you’re able to save in the infographic below.

Save Money with a VPN

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5 Ways to Boost Your Mood

5 Ways to Boost Your Mood

There are times when you feel low… times when you feel totally unproductive and of no use to anyone. There are several things that can depress you in this manner, but what you have to know is that problems aren’t the end of the world. You have to come out of them and get back to your tasks. If you feel that it is very difficult to pull yourself together when you are feeling low, here are some stress-busters that can help.


Listen to Music


Listening to music works therapeutically for most people. Whatever your particular taste in music is, listen to that. Get your iPod or music CD and pop it in. Listen to your most favorite song; maybe see its video if you can. This can cheer you up royally.


Play a Computer Game


If you like computer games, this could be a great way to manage your stress. It is not just an FPS that can set those hormones running within you; even simple strategy games can do it for you if you like them. The point is to make your mind happy, not excited. So, choose the game you like and play on.


Speak to a Friend


Most times, if you just share your sorrows with someone, you can do well at managing them. Call the one person you trust more than anyone else and tell them what happened. They will listen to you. Do not fear reprimand or ridicule. That won’t happen. If they are your true friend, they will hear you out and even tell you what you should do.


Go Out for a Walk


If you are stressed, sitting inside and brooding is only going to make matters worse. What you need to do is to go out and let it all out. Take a whiff of the air outside and you will find your problems slowly dwindling away. Most importantly, you can give it some thought and put things in a better perspective. This helps as well.


Busy Yourself with Something


When you are trying to work out your stress, the one thing you should try to do is to divert your mind. You have to busy yourself with something that you can put your heart and soul to. This could be your work, or do something creative that you were long meaning to do. This can divert your mind in a very profound manner and you will find that you are slowly but steadily coming out of your stress.


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Tips to Help You Save More Money


We would all love to have some spare money in our savings accounts to put toward something nice or simply for emergencies and our futures. However, many of us are so overstretched that we can barely make ends meet never mind find spare cash to save each month. The good news is that there are ways in which you can find a little extra cash to put aside into savings.

Tips to Help You Save More Money

By both cutting back on your unnecessary spending and looking at ways to increase the money coming in, you could find yourself with a lot more money to save. This can help to ease the financial strain and provide you with a little nest egg for the future, which is something that everyone needs in today’s uncertain climate.


Some of the tips that can help


There are various steps you can take if you want to boost the chances of putting some money into savings and enjoying greater financial security in the future. The first is looking at ways in which you can boost the amount of money coming in. You can easily start up a part time operation from home or even from cheap storage units in Oakland if you don’t have room to set up a part time business from home. You can do all sorts of things from selling via an eBay store through to online content writing or web design. This will help to boost the amount of money you earn, which means you will have more money available to put into savings.


Another thing you can do in order to give yourself more money to put into savings is to reduce the amount you spend on unnecessary things such as eating out or evenings out clubbing. While we all need to go out now and again, some people tend to go out each and every weekend, which can become very costly. Look at cheaper alternatives such as movie nights with your friends or family, dinner parties at one another’s houses, or cooking a romantic meal at home rather than going out for an expensive meal with your partner.


One final thing you can do is try to reduce the amount you spend on your bills, which can be crippling for some people. A lot of people are paying way more than they need to for everything from their utilities through to their mobile, insurance services, and more. By taking some time to do your research and looking for cheaper deals, you can switch to cheaper plans or providers. This can save you a small fortune each month because all of the small amounts you save on each bill or service will collectively add to the amount you save. You can then put the extra cash into savings each month to boost the amount you have put away.


All of these methods can make it easier for you to put spare money aside into a savings account so you have backup available should you need it.

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7 Techniques to Help a Person Suffering from Depression

7 Techniques to Help a Person Suffering from Depression

The following are seven ways to help a person who is suffering from depression.


  1. Providing company will help distract any depressive thoughts. You should encourage the individual to talk to you, and you in turn should listen attentively. Help that person to develop more social contacts as and involve them in your daily activities. Establish an effective role in helping them. Try not to reprimand them. You should remind that person of the realities of life, but also offer encouragement. You should seek professional advice if you find that this is becoming too difficult for you.


  1. A very important part of the recovery process is helping the patient to find treatment. The treatment should be continued until the symptoms have improved. If you do not see any improvement after a certain type of treatment, it is best to try another kind.


  1. Another thing which can speed up the recovery of the patient is emotional support. You must display patience, understanding, encouragement and affection. Nevertheless, make sure that you do not demand too much from them. Doing so could cause them to lapse back into depression.


  1. If the patient seems to be lapsing back into depression, there could be changes that indicate an increase in the levels of depression. The best way to help someone who is depressed is to encourage them to continue seeking treatment.


  1.  Someone who is depressed appreciates your help, although they may not say so. This is why you should not distance yourself from the individual as it could cause them to feel isolated and cause disintegration in their social system.


  1. You must try to motivate the patient; this will help reduce feelings of hopelessness. Often people suffering from depression find it hard to visit with a therapist and follow a set routine. You should try to help the person make lifestyle changes such as eating healthier foods, or developing an exercise routine.


  1. It might be necessary to accompany the patient in his/her therapy sessions in order to help them maintain a routine.


  1. Depression therapy from a psychiatrist/psychologist is important. It will help the patient to understand where their psychological problems are coming from, and also help them to resolve these problems. A psychiatrist or psychologist knows which kind of therapy will be effective in helping the individual.


Finally, a good tip is to ask the person suffering from depression what they would enjoy doing. Maybe you could do things that make you happy or that make you laugh. Even if it is only for a short while, it will go a long way in helping them.


Once again, remember that it is possible for people to recover from depression. In addition, they go on to lead happy worthwhile lives. Do not be afraid to seek help.

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