The Importance of Accountability and Using the Help of Others in Setting Goals

We mentioned Tim Ferriss there briefly, and he is definitely someone that we should listen to when it comes to goal setting and accomplishing.

Tim Ferriss is an author of The Four Hour Workweek, which shows readers how to design the lifestyle …


Floating Gym In Paris Uses Human Energy To Sail Down The Seine River


Italian firm Carlo Ratti Associati came up with a brilliant way to inspire people to exercise more. They designed a boat that uses human energy to sail down the Seine River in Paris.

The boat is 65-feet-long (20-meter long) and holds up …

Staying Committed to Achieve your Goal

So perhaps your goal is to become a highly successful, confident and attractive. A fairly lofty goal but one that is achievable if you define those abstract concepts to make more tangible and concrete steps.

Maybe your three goals in this case…


Incredible Photos Of An Uncontacted Amazon Tribe That Doesn’t Know Our Civilization Exists


Brazilian photographer Ricardo Stuckert had his helicopter flight diverted because of a storm, but this detour led to a remarkable photos of a remote rain forest tribe.

These high-resolution images were taken in Brazil’s state of Acre,…


Prioritizing and Setting Goals

So far we’ve been talking about coming up with abstract visions and ideas for what you want to achieve and setting goals. Now it’s time to prioritize and create your goals.

And this is where things will once again often go wrong for a grea…