5 Steps to Be Taken by Employers for Betterment of Employees

For an employee, a workplace is a place where a significant part of their productive lives is dedicated to their organization. Today’s managers understand that employees are valuable and that their ability to function to the best of their capabilities is determined by the culture of an organization, more than monetary factors. To grow the organization more like a family, here are a few steps and that can probably help you make your organization a great place to work for your employees:


Treat Employees with Respect

To cultivate a family bond among your employees, it takes much time and effort to treat your employees with respect and dignity. Unlike stock and capital, employees need to be nurtured and respected. It should be the core of every organization’s approach towards its human resource. They will automatically show this through their conduct and sentiment for their organization.

Start with communicating with your subordinates, listen to their views or opinions in a company’s decision making, which will make them feel valued. Try to implement their suggestions when and wherever required and give a safety valve to release any pressure they may have bottled within.


Adopt Greater Flexibility

With changing times, workplace flexibility is preferred over telecommuting by most of the employees. For most of them, the pattern and ways of functioning company jobs are changing, and they are supposed to be available on-call 24/7. If a company offers the proper balance of professional as well as personal lives and gives them the favor of flexible timings, then every employee will desire to be a part of such culture in the workplace.

Offering incentives that improve a team member’s overall quality of life can instill the importance of work/life balance. So, try to provide them with a more comfortable and accommodating environment to retain excellent and experienced employees.


Ensure Appreciation of good work and create an atmosphere of Growth

Employee appreciation automatically creates an atmosphere of growth. It is ranked in top characteristics in terms of high wages and promotion. By providing proper training and acknowledging benchmarks, your employees can create a sense of growth in business affairs. By encouraging employees to take risks and learn new skills, a company is seeking faith in them and supporting them to accomplish higher goals for their companies.

Without any motivation, the employees are sure to get bored and get stagnant in their skills. So, make sure that the efforts that an employee puts in for your organization never go unappreciated and a culture of appreciation gets flowed generously in your organization.


Ease Commuting Stress

The majority of employees get frustrated and powerless due to a significant setback of bad commutes. Employers should try to provide options that might decrease their commuting stress. They can provide flexibility in working time to lessen massive traffic hours. Even they can accommodate freelancing or work from home options to eliminate the necessity of commuting.

Telecommuting options from platforms like Power 2 Motivate can allow employees to work on their time without any stress and give excellent results in their job work. In terms of company benefits, such options also reduce the costs of the organization they spend on each employee.


Encourage Workplace Wellness

Wellness lifestyle is becoming integrated into people’s daily lives. Nowadays, many of the employers provide wellness practices in their workplace. As an incentive package, it is a brilliant idea to incorporate healthy behaviors. As a gifting option, it is also good to introduce some healthy dining options, a free session at a spa, or a two day stay at a yoga or meditation retreat center.


Some programs are specifically developed to improve the work environment and to create a culture of wellness among coworkers. Providing your employees, a means to a healthy lifestyle is a gesture of showing them how important they are to your company.

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6 Ways To Increase Positivity And Productivity For The Employees

We live in a world where every brand strives to be the best. One way of becoming the best is that we continuously improve our products and offers that we present in the market; however, the other way to do so is to strengthen yourself internally.

When we speak of internal improvisation, it is not just about improving the product. It is also about improving the work ethics. To enhance your brand from the very core, you need to make it an entity that your employees relate with. A workplace needs to be an environment, which truly motivates your employees.

Did you know that in a survey conducted, it was found that over 75% of employees who left a company did so because of incompetent management? What this means is that most employees are not happy with their bosses. This is an important reason why they never feel professional satisfaction, but this reason could also hamper your brand’s growth.

Every time you onboard a recruit, you have to invest a lot of time, effort, and capital into accommodating them. So, instead of hiring new people now and then, if you ensure that your present employees are happy, you will have to spend lesser on recruits, and that would contribute towards higher profits. But the reality is a bit different!


Today, we see unmotivated employees just grinding along till they find a better job. If you want to ensure that your workplace is genuinely your team’s favorite, there are a few things you can do:

1- Talk to them:

It is interesting to note that often employees and employers are not on the same page. This gap happens because employers do not involve themselves in what they call “petty tasks”. However, employees are directly involved with the minute details, and thus, communicating clearly with them could give you a clear picture of what your company needs. This is the most elegant way to make sure everyone in your company’s happy! Speak to them, incorporate the feedback, and offer them answers directly.


2- Rewards:

Nothing encourages a person more than an actual award. You can keep your stuff helped all the time by giving them the right kind of awards. Besides, you can also allow them to pick their awards as per their respective performances. These prizes and gifts could range from gift coupons, massage coupons, food coupons, etc. You could also get in touch with professionals such as GRS to ensure that you have an effective, rewarding strategy in place.


3- Acknowledge:

Perhaps, the biggest reward is to acknowledge someone’s achievement from your heart! You don’t always have to go out of your way and spend lavishly to make someone feel acknowledged. It could also be a sincere “Thank you” note or a public announcement in front of the whole full office. This not only makes your performers feel great, but it also encourages everyone else to perform at par with the best.


4- Give them a break:

After all this hard work, what better way to treat your performers with, other than sending them on vacation! How about sending them to an international destination with an all-expenses-paid trip? You could also give them a work from home offer once a week.


5- Be clear:

The most discontent in a workspace comes from the fact that there has been a lot of miscommunication in what was told to an employee, then what’s they eventually got. While recruiting people, it is essential that you communicate job roles and what you expect from them very clearly. Doing so would eliminate future discomfort or awkwardness.


6- Be hospitable:

This is the one point where all the old school companies struggle; following a hierarchy in your office may help you keep things clean, but it’s not the best way to go if you want to make a workplace a fun place! So although you may be the manager, you might want to loosen up a little in front of your colleagues so that they can open up to you as well.

Happy leadership!

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How to Make Better Handmade Cards

Making cards by hand is one of the best ways to express your sincere wishes for friends and family. It’s also one of the most enjoyable forms of exploring your creativity. Here are some ways to make your cards more creative:


About colors

When it comes to colors, it can be hard where to begin. Choose a color from the image you are using for your card and make it the color of your background. You can use blended markers dipped in a contrasting color to write your greeting or message.

You can also choose to use one or two more colors from the image and add embellishments or accents in the same color throughout the card. It will complement nicely without making everything look too uniform.


Leftover scraps

There are different types of craft paper. Sometimes, the kind of paper you like can be costly. For this reason, it’s a great idea to use it as often as possible. Hold on to some bits and pieces and repurpose them for your other projects.

You can also cut them into shapes using a die-cut machine or punches. These paper scraps can then be used as embellishments on your next card. They’re pretty, and they help you save money.


Paper sources

As discussed, paper can be expensive. But you can also get crafty and look beyond your typical crafts store for beautiful paper. You can always use unconventional sources of paper for your cards. For example, wrapping papers and gift bags will do nicely for your details, background, or cover.

Gift bags are made of heavy paper, making them perfect for cards. Unfold the bag and cut it out to your desired size for your card. Make sure to avoid the folds and edges, or you’ll have to deal with creases.

Meanwhile, wrapping paper is quite thin compared to gift bags, but they can still be used. You might, however, need to reinforce the paper with something heavy. It can be worth it if the design or pattern is stunning.


Generic cards

Simple cards are handy for when you’re pressed for time. Make those in advance and have them in handy, ready for you to design should any appropriate occasion arise. You can easily make elegant-looking cards with those by merely stamping them with your sentiments and adding sophisticated details.


Frayed ribbons

Ribbons are an essential addition to make any card fancy. However, they can be a pain as you cut pieces and find the edges to be frayed. To solve the problem, add a dash of nail polish on the sides. You can now tie your ribbons in peace. There are also other ways to stop the fabric from fraying.


Card box

To encourage your creative side every month of the year, keep card boxes. Label them with the month, and you can then store your cards in a very organized way. With these boxes, you can create your cards weeks or even months in advance and store them until they’re ready to be sent. You won’t have to deal with pressure or organization issues again.


Clean stamps

Stamps are a fun way to put quirky or cute designs all over your card quickly. However, you might face blots of ink or unsightly color runs if you don’t keep them clean.

If you use ink that is water-soluble, make sure to spray cold water over your stamps. Wipe them dry with a piece of clean cloth or paper towel. Make sure not to rub the face of the seal, or you might cause damage. Gently dab across it instead.


Card making is a fun and meaningful way of expressing your creativity and sentiments. You can make your cards even more creative with these suggestions.

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Delectable Vegan Baked Goods + Tips on Vegan Baking

For vegan newbies, making meals can be challenging enough already, so what more will baking be? Eggs, milk, and butter are three essential ingredients that no baked good can seem to survive without, but surprisingly, you don’t need those three to make an irresistibly tasty baked good. There is a multitude of vegan substitutes for common baking ingredients that will render the same, if not yummier results. They’re loads healthier as well, so every bite is 100% guilt-free – you nourish your body and no animals were hurt in the process.

Going vegan also lightens our carbon footprint on the planet. The Center for Sustainable Systems of the University of Michigan released a carbon footprint factsheet, which revealed that meat products leave larger carbon footprints compared to plant-based products due to the inefficient transformation of plant energy to animal energy. In addition, manure and enteric fermentation release methane.

Thus, shifting to a vegan diet not only helps the environment but saves nearly 200 million animals per year as well. That said, here are vegan baked goods ideas that even your non-vegan friends will be unable to resist:


  1. Vegan Chocolate Cake

Yes, indulging in chocolate is still possible in a vegan diet. The recipe is easy, and interestingly, ripe avocados are part of the ingredients. Consider that an extra healthy treat!

Vegan Chocolate Cake


  1. Vegan Lemon Cake

You only need a few ingredients to make a mouth-watering vegan lemon cake! This gluten-free dessert will be a welcome treat for your weight- and health-conscious family or friends.

Vegan Lemon Cake


  1. Vegan Sconces

If you think a vegan version of a sconce is impossible, check out its unbelievably simple recipe. There’s also a cheesy version (dairy-free cheese, of course).


  1. Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Probably the easiest baked good to make a vegan version of that your non-vegan folks won’t be able to tell that no animal ingredients were used! If you master this recipe, why not try to sell it? Invest in top-notch retail baking equipment and start inspiring more people to go vegan through your business.

vegan chocolate chip cookies


  1. Vegan Brownies

Another easy recipe, vegan brownies will surely be a hit among non-vegans as well, making it another good product to sell.

Vegan Brownies


Vegan Baking Ingredients

Vegan stores sell a lot of vegan substitutes for dairy and other animal-based products, so you’d never be short on options. Below are vegan replacements for common baking ingredients:

Vegan Baking Ingredients


  1. Coconut Oil for Butter

Like butter, coconut oil is also saturated fats that baked goods need to be chewy. Vegan shortening and olive oil are also great substitutes.


  1. Organic Sugar for Sugar Cane Sugar

Producing sugar cane sugar sometimes involves bleaching and processing animal bone char, making them a non-vegan choice. But if you buy organic sugar, you’re certainly getting a vegan ingredient. If you need the sugar for sweetening, you can go for honey as well.


  1. Non-Dairy Milk for Milk

Non-dairy milk includes soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, and oat milk. Coconut milk also makes an excellent substitute for cream, and for whipped cream, coconut cream or vegan whipped cream is your savior.


  1. Aquafaba and Other Substitutes for Eggs

Not the most commonly used ingredient, but aquafaba can actually be found in a can of chickpeas. It can be whipped like an egg white and beaten to a fluffy foam when laced with cream of tartar. If you need a vegan ingredient to supply moisture, which eggs are also used for, applesauce or a mashed ripe banana is the answer. For binding dry ingredients together, a flax seed meal with three tablespoons of water will do the trick. And to add height to your baked good, agar powder is your buddy.


  1. Vegan Chocolate for Chocolate

Unsweetened chocolate is your best vegan option; just make sure it’s clearly labeled as non-dairy, organic, and vegan.


With these excellent vegan goods before you, your vegan journey will be much more delightful and you’d never return to consuming animal-based products again. You’d discover many more recipes along the way, so try them all and inspire your peers to go vegan like you.

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How to Protect Yourself from Phishing Scams

You may not notice it, but cyberattacks are happening every day, and the attacks are becoming more sophisticated. In a study by the University of Maryland, hackers attack every 39 seconds or an average of 2,244 times a day. Phishing is the process of tricking you into providing your information through deceitful means. Phishing comes in many different forms, but each one has the same objective: to deceive you. The method of capturing your data is the same as using a lure in fishing. Attackers will make a fake thing seem like the real thing, but it hides a hook that when you take the bait, they have you and your data. To protect yourself, you have to understand the way malicious attackers operate using phishing to get your sensitive data.


Email phishing scams

Email is one of the primary ways that attackers deceive people into providing their sensitive information to attackers voluntarily. Beforehand, hackers have already gathered shallow information about you that they could use to send a specific kind of email to you. Some may have even collected this information from your online behavior and history. Equipped with this information, all the hacker needs to do is compose a message that looks like it came from the reputable company or government institution (along with an excellent replica of logos, headers, and footers) that you are a part of or have an existing subscription. Listed below are some types of email messages that hackers have used in the past.


a) Bank detail renewal

A good composer and writer can make a fraudulent email message from a bank seem like the real thing that when you get an email message from the attacker, you would think that it’s from your supposed bank. The message therein would usually ask you to click on a link where you would need to update your bank information so that you can continue using their services. A website hacker would have a replica of the site at the end of that link so that the user will not suspect any malicious intent.


b) Someone wants to get to know you

For those looking for love or companionship or may have an account with dating sites, they would be receiving an email message from a prospective companion with a link that would be asking for their information to confirm their identity or to ask for their login information.


c) Donations accepted

For those who have a heart for charity or philanthropy, would be receiving an email message containing information about a need where they could help. The message would include a link that would lead to a fraudulent copy of the real website and will ask for your information for identity confirmation, or ask for your bank details for donation purposes.


d) Employment

For those looking for a job to be able to support themselves and their family would be more than eager to open that email message to see that they got hired. Sadly, when they click the link, a new page would open wherein they would be asked to provide further information to prove their identity or even sign-up for their supposed newsletter.


Vishing scams

Vishing is a type of fraud where someone would be calling you to get your information. It is mainly a fear-driven call to trick you into giving up your data voluntarily. The “V” stands for voice or VoiceIP call phishing.

Here is a short video of what Vishing scams are about:

Video by NatWest © 2017


Cold call tech support scams

This tech support call is a scammer call offering service to help you take care of and protect your computer and data from malware that they have detected on their end. The scammer will be offering solutions and would be giving you steps on how to do it. They will instruct you to go to an IP address or another website where they can diagnose the problem better. In this instance, malware is added to your system, and for some cases, you would be asked to give detailed information so they could go further in providing their service to you.


Pop-up warning scams

Pop-up warning scams

Photo by Flickr

As the heading suggests, you would be receiving pop-ups that are mostly fear-driven to scare or force you to click the link. The pop-up is just the entry point for malicious intent. From there, the strategy of hackers is to get you to provide information or to plant malware into your system.


Phishing Defense Strategies for Your Protection

Here are some recommendations on how you can protect yourself and your sensitive information from phishing.


  • Pay attention and spot the differences. Compare previous official messages from your bank or a company you are subscribed to and see if there are differences with the message you have received. A company that values its branding and identity will inform clients of any changes regarding specifics about their logo, font or behavior brand.


  • Keep a keen eye. Even if hackers use real company logos and the message looks legitimate, carefully observe the sender’s email address, the address of the company, the sender’s signature, the link’s URL address and the spelling of either one.


  • Be your own quality-control of your personal computer. When given a link to go to, scrutinise the URL address. If the site used to have “HTTPS” and now has “HTTP” only, it may mean that you are entering an unsecured environment. If the URL address seems legit except that it is missing one letter or may have switched their “i” and “e” or something similar, then that deserves a closer inspection.


  • Double-check contact information. Whenever you receive a call from a business that you cater, politely hang up the call and proceed to get the number of the company from either their legitimate website or from previous authentic communications you’ve had with them and ask to confirm if they were offering help or services through the phone to make sure that the tech support or service call was legitimate.


  • Don’t give personal info over the phone. This is very important. Never provide personally identifiable information through the phone, especially if it is a cold call.


  • Never give remote access to your device. When you receive a tech support call, remember not to permit remote access to your computer or digital devices.


  • Pop-up Versus App Notification. A pop-up is different from an app notification. Learn to differentiate between the two. Should you see a pop-up, activate your preferred antivirus software and run a deep scan.


  • Secure your search. Use a secure search service, such as Norton Safe Search, to know if the site you’re about to visit is safe.


  • Avoid clicking suspicious messages. Do not click the link from a message that you have already seen to have discrepancies in spelling, branding ar some other minor difference. If you are already suspicious, then do not click the attachment that came with it. Most malware was distributed through .doc files attachments in the email message.


  • Beware pop-ups that ask for your info. Keep in mind that companies will not ask you personally identifiable information through a pop-up.


  • Manually type website URLs. Manual input of the web site’s URL address ensures the website you are visiting is the real one and not a modified one to look like the real thing.


  • Filter and scan your messages. Sift through the message that you have received. Look for visible signs of incorrect grammar, wrong spelling, improper logo placement or color branding. A competent company would have quality control personnel in place to protect their brand even when they send official newsletters to clients.


Do Not Feed the Phish!

Do Not Feed the Phish

Photo by MaineHost

No one is perfect and if you feel that you made the mistake of clicking a suspicious link, attachment or entered an unsecured environment online, be on the offensive and secure your computer and data. Run a deep scan, if not a full scan, for any viruses that may have infected your computer or mobile devices. Change your passwords for your personal computer, along with other password-protected accounts you may have online, including financial statements, and accounts or browsers, such as Google and Facebook, which are linked with other accounts that you use to open other separate accounts. Finally, give your bank institution a call and inform them that there is suspicion that your sensitive information has been compromised. Again, be vigilant and be on the offensive in guarding your confidential information, and be up-to-date with the latest digital transformation trends of the banking industry to keep aware of both threats and security measures available for your protection.

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