Sleep Apnea Masks – Get The Right One

Sleep Apnea Masks - Get The Right One

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and now need to choose a sleep apnea mask, you may find the selection you have to choose from somewhat daunting. There are several different types and within those types are several different styles you can choose from.

You have got your nasal masks, your full face masks, your nasal pillow masks, your alternative and oral masks, your multi-fit masks, and your gel-based masks. Each of these categories has several styles and you may need to have some help determining what is right for you.

Sleep Apnea Masks - Get The Right One


Nasal masks are triangle shaped and fit right over your nose. These are probably the most common type of mask and most likely the easiest and most comfortable to wear when sleeping. Well cushioned with an air-filled membrane and a gel spacer makes for greater comfort and stability. The headgear secures over the head and if the triangular mask also fits over the mouth the headgear comes with a chin strap.

Full face sleep apnea masks may be a little more difficult to wear but with better lighter weight construction they may be just what you are looking for. Full face masks may be slightly more durable and have better adjustment straps. As long as a perfect seal is achieved and no air leaks out, any one of these masks will be very effective.


Nasal pillow masks usually come as a combo pack with two or three different options for cushions and seals to get the perfect fit. The nasal pillows are two small tubes which insert into the nostrils and go up over the head to let the wearer sleep on their side with little difficulty.

An oral mask is perfect for the wearer who sleeps with an open mouth. To prevent drying of the mouth and nose this mask is usually combined with some warm humidity. These masks will take some getting used to because the nostrils are plugged to create a good seal.

Nasal pillow masks


Alternative masks, or hybrid masks, are a combination of any of the masks mentioned above. Basically a custom design, they are fitted to the wearer specifically for comfort and function. Comfort and function are important in making sure the sleep apnea sufferer is able to use the mask without difficulty.

All masks need to have a good seal to work properly and the next biggest consideration should be a comfort. If the headgear or masks does not fit or is the slightest bit uncomfortable the user compliance will decrease over time and eventually stop. Some cushioning and securing straps are better than others and if the price is no consideration the more expensive may be your best bet to get the comfort you need.

Sleep apnea is serious business and the better and more comfortable the people who make the sleep apnea masks can make them then the better off the people who have sleep apnea can and will be, both with compliance in using the masks and headgear and the treatment of their condition itself.

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Bingo Zone: A Look Back at The First-Ever Online Bingo Platform

Bingo Zone: A look back at the first-ever online bingo platform

In the modern era, there are quite literally hundreds of different bingo websites for the masses to enjoy one of their favorite past times. Bingo has been played since the 16th century, but it wasn’t until the 21st century that its popularity soared worldwide, with the internet paving the way for a new and prosperous future.

Bingo Zone: A look back at the first-ever online bingo platform

Bingo halls were the go-to place for those who wanted to enjoy a game and, as successful as they were, the introduction of the internet welcomed a whole new clientele base. Before we take a look into the history of Bingo Zone, take a peek at the latest online bingo games with hundreds of prizes up for grabs.



It was way back in 1996 that the first bingo website was launched. Bingo Zone – which is an American site – was fairly basic in style and appearance but fundamentally, allowed users to play their favorite game from the comfort of their own home. The site itself is still in operation today but during the early days, Bingo Zone provided users a basic offering of bingo and a range of other variations of the game. Throughout the day, the 90-ball game format was run and this set the tone for Bingo Zone to thrive.

The site grew in popularity very quickly, as players could play for as long as they desired and as earlier mentioned, play from their own homes. Bingo Zone not only revolutionized how bingo was played but set the tone for a number of other casino-related sites to flourish as well.

Online Bingo Platform


Current format

Although Bingo Zone is still in operation today, there are certainly stronger platforms out there, but the site itself has changed considerably since 1996. Nowadays, Bingo Zone offers users the chance to play solitaire, poker, keno, and Fruit Frenzy. Also, there is an exclusive game called Three Eyed Bingo. Players have three cards as opposed to just one and have to match all the numbers to win.

In essence, the site hasn’t changed too much from its original guise but it does offer a more modernized feel to it and as ever, all the games are free to play.


Competition and future of online bingo

Owing to the success of Bingo Zone, it didn’t take long for rival firms to start launching their own online bingo websites. In 1998, Bingo Blitz emerged and required players to download software in order to play the game and interact with other users.

At the turn of the millennium, an influx of new sites was propelled across the internet, but Bingo Zone was the pioneer and benchmark for others to follow suit. Although the future of Bingo Zone isn’t as clear-cut as some of the other prominent ones we know today, the industry as a whole is set to continue blossoming.


According to Wink Bingo, 3.5 million people in the UK alone regularly play online with the majority of those being women. The Prevalence Survey of 2010 reports that 12% of all UK women have indulged in bingo at least once in their life.

These figures represent a small proportion when it comes to looking at global representation but one thing’s for sure, the online bingo industry shows no signs of slowing and will continue to go from strength-to-strength over the coming years.

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Blaise Pascal: The Man Who Invented Roulette


Roulette has been a permanent fixture in casinos all over the world for hundreds of years now, but where did it all begin? Many theories and ideas have surfaced, but the general consensus is that Blaise Pascal is solely responsible for the universally-loved game.

Blaise Pascal invented roulette

Pascal was a French mathematician, physicist, inventor, and writer who is credited with inventing the first roulette wheel. It was during Pascal’s younger years that he started to manufacture roulette, which in turn, led him to introduce the mathematical theory of probability.


How did it all come about?

Pascal was something of a child prodigy and demonstrated a love for science and maths from a young age, which later led him to conduct various studies, and his work on cycloids paved the way for his famous treatise. L’Histoire de la Roulette – which Pascal penned in the 1600’s – highlighted his work and theories he had on roulette and spinning wheels.

Originally, it is widely agreed that Pascal was trying to develop perpetual motion devices and this is where the idea of roulette came about. Even to this day, there is still a debate that roulette actually originated in China or the USA, but it was Pascal’s work that helped improve the game.

Wherever roulette originated from, it was in France that the game’s popularity soared and Pascal’s modifications made it a huge hit in the casinos that were newly established throughout the country. His fine work and legacy will live on for years and roulette lovers can be thankful for his contribution.



Later developments

In France, King Louis XV tried to ban roulette altogether but Napoleon Bonaparte allowed it to be played in Palais Royale. Again roulette was outlawed in 1837 which allowed roulette to blossom in neighboring Germany.

The number of casinos was increasing in the fatherland and roulette began to be the number-one past time for people from all walks of life at the time, and there were some changes to the numbering as well.

Brothers Francois and Louis Blanc removed the double zero from the roulette wheel, and this soon led to a change across many of the casinos that were in operation in Europe at the time. Across the pond in America, they devised their own version of roulette which was taking off at the same time as the European game.


20th century and the internet revolution

In the early 20th century, roulette had grown so much that it was arguably the most prominent game in the likes of Monte Carlo and Las Vegas, with both the double zero and single zero versions widely played.

But it wasn’t until the invention of the internet that roulette exploded into the billion dollar industry we know it as today. There are so many benefits of playing roulette online with the technologies involved and the sheer number of people who are playing at any one time.

In fact, they are so many different types of roulette and a vast number of different games for users to try there literally is something for everyone, and that’s all down to the hard work of Pascal some 400 years ago. Ready to try your luck? Check out online roulette from Betfair casino right now.

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Sleep Apnea Effects – Be Warned

Sleep Apnea Effects - Be Warned

Sleep apnea effects on your life and livelihood can be devastating. Such side effects as decreased mental acuity or inattentiveness can have serious consequences on your life or the lives of others if you put yourself in their path and the situation becomes dangerous, as in putting yourself behind the steering wheel of a car and then falling asleep at that same steering wheel.

Sleep Apnea Effects - Be Warned

Sleep apnea affects approximately 18 million people and causes several problems with the people who have it including the two listed above and the most serious of all, death. If you have sleep apnea and know it, you should be treating it with the help of your doctor and/or dentist. If you have sleep apnea and do not know it, you need to get diagnosed as soon as possible so you can start treatment right away.


So how do you know what the sleep apnea effects are? In other words, what are the symptoms?


Sleep apnea means that you actually stop breathing when you are sleeping for at least ten seconds and can occur 30+ times per hour. The length of time you stop breathing can be even longer, maybe even as long as a minute. Think about it, if you stop breathing for a whole minute 30 times an hour, you are in serious trouble. Your blood oxygen level drops and in severe cases, you could go into respiratory arrest and become cyanotic, or turn blue.

Every time you stop breathing your brain signals you to wake up to resume breathing normally. You may not wake up fully but when you are out of the REM sleep cycle you are not getting good sleep and you will wake up tired. Sometimes even more tired than when you went to sleep. Sleep apnea makes you work very hard for the little sleep that you do get.


Sleep apnea is characterized by the reason you stop breathing. The sleep apnea we have been discussing is called obstructive sleep apnea and happens because your tongue and the muscles in your neck relax to the point where they block your airway when you are in a deep sleep.

Another form of sleep apnea is central sleep apnea and happens because the brain does not signal the muscles responsible for breathing to initiate a breath. Central sleep apnea causes you to awaken very abruptly and may be accompanied by shortness of breath or night sweats or both. This type of sleep apnea can be especially scary and may make you afraid to even go to sleep. Which makes the situation so much worse.


As I said, sleep apnea effects on your life can be absolutely devastating. You will have an increased risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke due to the extra work required to get and keep enough oxygen circulating through your body. Treatment is very important and can include a surgical procedure to remove whatever is causing the blockage or a machine and mask to force air into your airway continuously throughout the night.

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The Virtual Goldmine: 4 Online Jobs that Bring in The Big Bucks

The Virtual Goldmine: 4 Online Jobs that Bring in The Big Bucks

The internet age is a more relevant reality than it has ever been for those of us who have lived to see grow from its infant stages when dial-up internet frustrations were the norm to now when 5G connectivity and Wi-Fi can be found in places without running water. The upshot of the digital revolution is to be felt in almost every aspect of our lives, and perhaps none more so than in the way we work. Today, it’s possible to work remotely in virtually any field that doesn’t strictly call for your physical presence as long as you have a working internet connection and an internet-ready device at hand.

The Virtual Goldmine: 4 Online Jobs that Bring in The Big Bucks

Little wonder then that such a rapidly increasing number of us are making the choice to break out of the world’s offices and earn their living working from home, or wherever it is they might be. Let’s highlight some of the most attractive online jobs out there in terms of the rewards to be had for the effort you put in.


SEO Professional

If we’re living in Google’s world, then SEO (search engine optimization) skills rank up there with surgical abilities when it comes to sheer usefulness. Companies are always looking for ways to attract organic traffic to their websites, which improves the visibility of their brands and thus boosts their competitiveness. Everyone wants to be on page one when the search results come up, and if you’ve got the skills to make this happen in some the incredibly competitive niche market segments, then you’re golden. Six-figure salaries are not unheard of in the field for those with the know-how to get rankings up without resulting potentially ban-worthy black hat SEO practices.



Starting up a blog is as easy as falling off a log thanks to blogging platforms such as WordPress. The tricky part comes in when you try to get up the numbers that will allow you to earn a substantial income. Viewership is, perhaps, only the first step, as most financially successful bloggers will make the bulk of their earnings through affiliate marketing or the sale of digital products to their audience.

The beauty of blogging, aside from the fact that you can do it from virtually anywhere in the world, is that you are at liberty to choose any topic under the sun that you feel has the potential to attract readers to your pages. There are successful blogs on topics ranging from how to incorporate government bonds into a day-trading portfolio all the way to guides on reading your pet’s moods in all situations – with anything else you could probably think of in between. While it might be rather unreasonable to expect your blog to be the absolute first original page discussing your niche topic of choice, you should take heart in the knowledge that there are plenty of viewers to around, and if you have the knack for reaching people with words, you can quickly win over a sizable audience to yourself.


Marketing Lead on Social Media

The reality of the business world today is that no company can afford not to pay attention to its social media presence and image. While many successful businesses out there have a great wealth of talent when it comes to their work, it often comes about that they are woefully short of social media skills.

Businesses looking to reach wider audiences, engage with their customers more effectively, and hopefully drum up a new business may find themselves in need of help when it comes to social media. This is the opportunity that presents itself to you, should you have the relevant social media savvy. It’s quite possible to have a client pay you thousands of dollars for your work, and if you prove yourself through your results, pay increases are entirely feasible as your reputation grows.


Web Development

A business or organization that doesn’t exist on the web today might as well not exist at all. Web development is one of the most highly remunerated fields in the arena of jobs that can be done remotely, but it calls for persistence and the hardiness to put in hours slogging through buggy code and glitch scripts. If you have the requisite skills (or considering learning), there is plenty of work available out there, but remember that the competition for them is high as well since the advent of worker aggregator sites such as Upwork coupled with the attractive rates of pay on offer.

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