Keeping a Blog or Journal on Your Solo Trip

Travel Blog in solo trip

Traveling alone is a great adventure. The only thing missing is someone to share it with when it is happening, and to relive it with later. By keepi…


Keeping Your Goals Alive

When you setting goals and start moving toward them, there are two points where they are most likely to fail.

The first is right away. Right at the start of your new goal, you may find it was too ambitious; you may find that you don’t have t…

Motivation Basics – Keeping the Motivation

Motivation serves as one of the most important things in life that a person must not forget especially in times of troubles and difficult challenges. This thing has successfully changed the life of many people in this world in the past because of its amazing benefits that can amazingly increase the level of self esteem and courage of a person while accomplishing tough tasks and special goals. Some people might say that motivation is just an ordinary word which has a very useless meaning. But such claim is a very big mistake since it plays a very important role in the daily living of every individual in this world who wants to become successful.