3 Ways to Enhance Your Testosterone Level in an Instant

3 Ways to Enhance Your Testosterone Level in an Instant

Unfortunately, a low testosterone level is one of the most common problems that men face these days. The hormone is used by the body in several processes such as fertility regulation, fat distribution, and building muscle mass. In other words, low testosterone packs a negative effect on the whole body. Needless to say, we don’t like the sound of that. So, what’s a guy gotta do? Well, obviously, not eat some spice and wait around for three years until they notice some results. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of writing about three ways that guarantee instant effects.

3 Ways to Enhance Your Testosterone Level in an Instant



1- Nutrition

Of the mistakes that most people are guilty, we’ve got constant dieting, constant overeating and constant undereating. In the modern world, it is quite rare to find someone who manages to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. How is this related to testosterone levels? Well, nutrition affects hormone levels in a lot of aspects- it is because of certain nutrients that the body is promoted to release testosterone into the bloodstream.


In order to increase your testosterone levels, it is recommended that you stick with certain foods, especially the ones rich in zinc and vitamin D. Good choices would be tuna, egg yolks, and low-fat milk. These foods are also rich in protein, which has been linked with the production of the male hormone, according to several studies. In addition, plants and plant-based products are always a good option. You can’t go wrong with ginger and olive oil. However, it is preferred that you stay away from menthol as several papers noted a decrease in testosterone levels in women when they consumed mint-based products.

Don’t worry, though, this doesn’t mean that to get higher testosterone levels, you need to completely cut off carbs and fats. First of all, there are good, healthy fats which are beneficial for your hormone levels. Second, the key is consuming everything in moderation because obesity doesn’t help.



2- Supplements

Despite the image people have painted for supplements, there is actually nothing wrong with taking testosterone supplements. Again, what’s unhealthy is going beyond the recommended dosage. That said, here’s how testosterone supplements affect the body and how they can help you boost your levels without taking forever to do so.

As we age, our hormone-producing glands get exhausted, and that’s when they stop producing hormones. The most common supplements contain D-Aspartic acid, which is an amino acid essential to building and releasing hormones, and most often, you’ll find that they contain vitamin-D, too. The two ingredients, in addition to a few others, have been proven to link directly to increased hormone levels.

Keep in mind, though, that some supplements work efficiently, and others may not work at all; sadly, there are frauds out there. Checking product reviews always helps, but when checking, don’t fall for fake reviews. To elaborate more, on this page of Testofuel reviews, the verified reviews were accurate, mixed and provided a full account of the pros and cons of the product.  What we’re saying is, don’t fall for the first bad review you see; defamation isn’t far from some people.



3- Physical Exercise

Working out is not only good for increasing the production levels of the male sex hormone, but it is also good for our general health. So, whether you have a hormone deficiency or not, we believe that you should do your best to squeeze a quick workout whenever you can. After all, as we said before, obesity is one of the causes of low testosterone levels. Now, is there a specific type of exercise that you should be doing if you want to see faster results?

The answer to that is resistance exercises. When you weight-lift or push against some type of weight, it leads to muscle growth, and how does the muscle-building process start? When the body produces testosterone. Another highly effective type of workout is high-intensity interval training. If you don’t know what that is, it’s when you run at full speed for 1 minute, for example, and then jog for 4 more. Other forms of physical activity also work, but most scientific research links the two types we’ve mentioned to the fastest results.

Physical Exercise


After reading all of this, we won’t be surprised if you feel like working out, ordering supplements, and chomping on a ginger root all at once. But, before you go, we’ve got a little something to say. If you want to get the most out of the three ways, combine them together. In a different scenario where you overeat everyday and workout once a week, there’s no chance of you seeing any results anytime soon. It’s all about dedication, perseverance, and moderation. So, before you go on this journey, make sure you have the right motives, a will of steel and a solid support system.

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How Roofing Companies Should Handle Customer Service

How Roofing Companies Should Handle Customer Service

One of the most important things that every company in the world should have is good customer service. Even when you’re in the roofing business, if you don’t show that you listen or care about your customers, then you will face some trouble. Take a look below at what you can do to handle it and establish top-notch customer service.

How Roofing Companies Should Handle Customer Service


Why Customer Service Is Key

There are always customers that have issues or questions, complaints, or need assistance with something. The roofing businesses around the world can have a lot of inquiries and requests, no matter where you are. Let’s say you live in Marietta, Georgia, the reputable and startup roofing companies in Marietta listens to their consumers, and make them feel that their feedback is important. You should also start following a business plan where you engage more with the customers by giving them a much more positive and better experience as well as offering excellent customer service and support; it can mean a lot in the long run for you. A happy customer means more sales, more word of mouth, more exposure, more leads, and more profits.


Preventing Any Future Issues

Sadly for roofing companies, they don’t have a good track record when it comes to customer service. In March 2017, there was a list compiled by the Better Business Bureau in the United States, and it had the top 25 sources of business complaints the agency had received. Roofing companies came in at 15th in line. So in order to fix this, some changes need to be made. You should establish a documented strategy for addressing customer complaints, in-person and online. Have regular checks on all your systems and procedures that you have in place and make sure they’re working as intended. Also, make sure that new and senior employees understand what your customer service expectations are like now after the changes, so be certain that your product literature and other information is up-to-date for them. Remember to clearly communicate your policies to both staff and customers, and empower your staff to handle customer issues responsibly and in a well-mannered way as they occur.


How To Handle Customer Service Better

When you realize that something is wrong, and you need to make some changes before it gets out of hand, consider the five P’s that can help you, as a roofing company, get back on track. Take a look below at the points that you should follow:



1- Be Prompt


Acknowledge any negative comments as fast as you can, even if it’s only to say that you’re aware of the complaint and are looking into it because that means that you aren’t ignoring them. Try to reply within 24 hours or sooner, within 48 hours is the absolute latest you should respond.



2- Be Private


While you should acknowledge all comments publicly, not all issues should be dealt with in a public forum. People often post under a username or sometimes they conceal their identity. So invite them to contact you directly through email or phone to talk about their problems. People will see that you’re being responsive without necessarily knowing all the details, so use your discretion and judgment in deciding whether to reply publicly or privately.



3- Be Professional


Always focus on correcting the problem, not the commenter’s behavior or reaction. I apologize that they had a bad experience and be humble and sincere in your responses. Never be defensive or hostile, you want them to feel comfortable. Always ask for details and clarification, restating the issue in your own words to show that you were actively listening and paying attention to fully understand the complaint from the customer’s point of view. 



4- Be Personal


Many negative reviews escalate because people feel ignored; they want to feel justified, heard, and validated. That’s why a prompt acknowledgment is paramount. Make sure that your response is friendly, respectful, and expresses your sincere desire to resolve the situation. Don’t act like an automated message; it doesn’t have to be long-winded. Just be yourself, be normal, and approachable. Write conversationally, using simple words that are easy to understand, and make them feel that you care.

Many negative reviews escalate because people feel ignored; they want to feel justified, heard, and validated. That's why a prompt acknowledgment is paramount



5- Be Polite


It’s easy to take negative comments personally and be angry, especially if you think they’re unfair, unreasonable, or just plain wrong. But that’s not your place to say, so never respond in haste or in anger. Take a moment to cool off, see the situation from their perspective, and empathy will help you in this situation. Remember to thank them for bringing the issue to your attention and apologize for the bad experience, even if it wasn’t your fault. 


Customer service can make or break your roofing company. You need to be aware that offering good services is not enough, you need to offer more intangible value. You can only do this once the customers feel that you care.

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Launching a Start-up – How Much Money Do You Really Need?

Launching a Start-up - How Much Money Do You Really Need?

Starting your own business is, above all, exciting. You get the opportunity to test yourself, to use your ingenuity, your talent, and your intelligence, all to their very maximum. Becoming an entrepreneur is the ultimate test of your willpower, your work capacity, a great way to see just how much you can push yourself, and to what limit. But of course, in order to actually start, you need money.

Before you can do any of the above and see where your limits lie, you first need to get the funds that are actually there to push you towards work and advancement. It’s a tedious and unpleasant initial step of starting your own company. However, with proper research and organization, you can definitely pull through and get to the fun (and even harder) part. Below are some tips on how to get over this initial hump.

Launching a Start-up - How Much Money Do You Really Need?


What are your costs

There are a couple of types of expenses you can expect once you start your own business. Figuring out which type is most relevant to you is vital for your success. They can be divided into three somewhat overlapping categories, presented below.

First, essential versus optional costs. Essential costs are costs you can’t do without – they help your company grow and develop. Optional are obviously that cost that is not primary. So, it’s a difference between investing in research and investing in a new machine that might get you some good results.

Then, of course, we have fixed and variable costs. Rent is a fixed cost, for example– things that accrue and show up every month. Variable costs are of course those that change from day today.


Finally, there is a contrast between ongoing costs and one-time costs. One-time expenditures are just that – things you only pay for once. This might be a license, the cost of actually incorporating your company, equipment you only need to buy once… These greatly disrupt your cash flow, but they are most likely necessary at that one single moment. Ongoing is similar to fixed costs, except they can still vary somewhat. Rent is not that likely to go up on a regular basis, but an ongoing cost like your monthly fuel bill just might change as your company grows.

So, it’s up to you to figure out what your costs will be. How much will you need to spend on one-time investments at the beginning? What are your fixed costs, what are your ongoing costs, and how much will the latter increased over time? Do you have any room for optional expenses, and if so, how much? Understanding how your expenses work isn’t just useful for starting your business. It is actually vital if you want to survive your first year as a start-up, and be able to continue working towards your dreams.


Start small

It’s completely understandable that you have high hopes and expectations for your company. In fact, it would be worrying if you didn’t. Still, you need to be smart and not rush into things. Take the approach that centers on healthy skepticism. Namely, you do want to succeed, but you do not want to get ahead of yourself. You can get a lot of money from people, have your company be a success right at the start, and still fail. Namely, because of the large loan, you accrued needlessly your company can’t keep up with payments, even though it’s turning a solid profit. It’s better if you see what the bare minimum for your company could be, and work from there.

It’s completely understandable that you have high hopes and expectations for your company

For example, your dream might be to branch out internationally as soon as possible. This idea, plausible or not, can wait. Unless your entire business model is centered ongoing international, getting money to pay for expenses related to global expansion at the beginning is simply ludicrous. Just the amount of money needed, hiring foreign workers, translators, consultations with professional migration agents so you can get some of your people working abroad, it will end up as a sizable bill. It’s better if you wait a while, and see how things are developing.


What type of financing method will you use

Finally, you, of course, need to actually get the money. There are many ways you can get the appropriate funds for your company. There are always, entrepreneurial bank loans and opportunities to speak to angel investors. Getting lines of credit through piggybacking scenarios and options is also a clear way you can get the funds you need. Of course, the issue here is that you need to have at least something to show for yourself if you want to get these investments through.

What type of financing method will you use

Having established clients and customers, some basic growth from the moment you started, or simply a convincing argument and a clear business plan are all vital if you want to get your business going. You need to learn how to communicate with angel investors and potential shareholders if you want to reach the success you want.



No matter how exciting starting your company is, you need to get over the initial hump – money. Figure out what your basic expenses are, as well as what type of financing are you willing to use. Starting small is a good choice, and figuring what type of expenses you might expect is necessary. So, once you get all of this out of the way, you can actually dive in and get to work.

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Accessorize Your Mobile with Cute iPhone Cases to Reflect Your Personality

Accessorize Your Mobile with Cute iPhone Cases to Reflect Your Personality

The number of mobile phone users around the world increased a hundredfold in 2018, with a global audience reaching to more than 5 billion users. These statistics are more than two-thirds of the world’s population regardless of their stature and background. Also, more and more of the younger generations are accustomed to mobile users in their early stages of development, leading to a pandemic deluge of phone cases.

Accessorize Your Mobile with Cute iPhone Cases to Reflect Your Personality

For one, phone cases are not just protective coverings to safeguard our investments. It is more often used as a reflection of a person’s personality. People shopping for an iPhone case will grab one because of an internal impulse that captures their attention. As such, choosing the appropriate phone case fall on personal preference, on an ulterior motive of just having one.


Choosing the Right iPhone Cases

With a variety of styles, design, and extra added features, it is often easy to fall trap to the slight moment of, “Yeah, this would do.” But since iPhone cases are more often a reflection of someone’s personality, it can be helpful sometimes just to shop around until finding the perfect phone case. Picking right cute iPhone cases do not have to be as hard.


In most cases, knowing your personality and what colors you are attracted to is the first step. Considering what the purpose of the iPhone case would also be determinative of the type and kind of solution to go for. A good example will be to ask if you are a frequent traveler. Do you often find your smartphone with an empty battery just when you are about to receive an urgent call? Or do you want cute iPhone cases that are sleek and reflective of your go-getter behavior?

All these tiny bits of information helps to determine what kind of smartphone case to go for. In a sense, protecting the phone is the primary consideration. But often it looks more like a bru-haha than making it the style of your own.


Prices often Do Not Dictate the Quality of iPhone Cases

As consumers, it is a common notion that the higher the price, the better the quality. While this applies to other items like a beautiful piece of jewelry or branded clothes, iPhone cases are a wholly different market niche.

Picking a sturdy iPhone case comes with tremendous consideration on the quality of material used and the amount of detailing to reflect our personalities. Though they can have a uniform look and feel, one that does not only encrust your phone but provides a total reflection of your personality brings a sense of identity.

Fashionable phone cases are often the best protective covering to go for because of the wide selection of style. They can be plain and unadorned, but still, possess a character reflective of the phone owner or grand and packed with tiny detailing.


In the end, choosing the right iPhone case always falls under a person’s personal preference. One that not only protects the gadget but brings a sense of ownership can be a significant help.

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Electric Cars vs. Gas Vehicles: What You Need to Know

Electric Cars vs. Gas Vehicles: What You Need to Know

Many western countries have started putting deadlines as to when they will stop selling gas-powered cars. Our dependence on fossil fuels to power our vehicles will be coming to an end, and the trend set to take over from the traditional combustion engine will see us getting into electric vehicles of all sorts, from personal transportation to delivery vehicles and public transport. We have had a look at how the numbers stack up to see if electric cars are viable for those in the public looking to get ahead of the trend and what the differences are in costs for those looking to buy soon.

Electric Cars vs. Gas Vehicles: What You Need to Know


Electric, Hybrid and Gas-Powered Cars

A traditional gas-powered car uses fossil fuels to power an internal combustion engine which then creates a drive to power the vehicle — this has been the standard for production cars since the first model made its debut in 1886.

A hybrid vehicle is a gas-powered car that can generate battery power which can then be used either when the car is low on gas or when in built-up areas to lower pollution. The technology for hybrid vehicles is not new, but the first big hit came in the form of the Toyota Prius which first hit the streets of Japan in 1997. Hybrid cars can also regenerate additional power when braking, which helped to give the car a greater range and overall better-combined fuel economy.

An electric car is powered only by battery power which is charged using charging stations or at home through your mains power grid. Electric cars have been around for ages, but it is only recently that the battery technology has allowed for electric vehicles to have the range and affordability to make the cars feasible to the general public.


Fuel Costs of Gas vs Electric Cars

There are more than just fuel costs to consider when deciding to buy an electric or gas-powered car as they both have costs attached, albeit in different ways. Petroleum prices vary depending on where you live and how expensive it is per barrel on the open market, electricity charges can vary also depending on what state (or country) you live in, but these are more consistent when compared to crude oil prices.

The decision for people to drive electric is not just about cost savings; it is the environmental impact that resonates with many buyers. In a recently conducted survey, it was revealed that 54.1% of Australians would drive electric cars because of the negative implications gas-powered cars have. Along with the environmental benefits, an electric car will achieve approximately 100km on less than five dollars of electric power, whereas a gas-powered car will set you back over fifteen dollars for the same distance traveled. This means that an electric car will cost 66% less than a traditional combustion engine. For those who do a lot of driving each year that is a considerable saving, and crucially, better for the environment.


Maintenance Over the Cars Lifespan

One of the major stumbling blocks that manufacturers have is convincing the public that electric cars are affordable to maintain. The actual numbers seem to indicate that they can be a lot cheaper in comparison. The saving grace is that there is practically no engine maintenance, with no fluid changes or annual servicing. An electric car has very few moving parts and so needs little maintenance to keep it on the road. Both types of cars will require the same maintenance on items such as brakes and tires, but the yearly saving for electric vehicles, in general, is huge.

As we are all used to the upkeep prices of gas-powered cars, it is often thought we should stick with what we know. Battery packs are seen by many as a considerable cost if there is a problem. Although the cost of getting a new battery pack is expensive and batteries do deteriorate over time. If you buy a new electric car you will get a substantial warranty that covers any problems and these warranties can be as long as eight years. The fuel cost savings along with lower yearly maintenance makes electric vehicles a sound alternative.


The Future of Electric Vehicles

Now we know that the fuel cost and maintenance are favorable for electric cars, the only real stumbling block is the infrastructure. As people turn to electric, we will see many more charging stations offering quick charge filling to electric vehicle owners all over. In America, who are the current world leaders in electric car infrastructure, EVgo has over 1200 stations covering most metropolitan areas. As the networks grow, we will see many more drivers opt for electric vehicles to save money and the environment. Regardless of our love of gas-powered cars, the future is electric, and it will only be a matter of time before you too will be part of the next stage of the automotive evolution.

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